Series 11 - Talk 8 - The Five Levels of Leadership Summarised

Being a Godly leader is noble. Through Godly leadership, we aspire to the highest forms of leadership. We climb the leadership ladder by relying on God and building key relationships.

Series 11 - Talk 7 - The Personhood Level of Leadership

Biblical leaders like Samuel, David and Paul reached the level of 'personhood leadership'. People followed them for who they were and what they represented. This kind of leadership is what you, Christian leader, should aspire to.

Series 11 - Talk 6 - The People Development Level of Leadership Towards Success

When leaders develop other people, they reproduce themselves. This development is done through the process of selection, association, and instruction. Reproducing yourself as a leader is of utmost importance.

Series 11 - Talk 5 - The People Development Level of Leadership and Mentoring

Christian mentoring has to do with conviction, character and competence. These are practical and personal qualities and essential in a leader's life. A Christian leader needs to know the heart of God in order to be an effective leader.

Series 11 - Talk 4 - The People Development Level of Leadership

A leader needs to pass on leadership qualities. Thus an established a leader needs to reproduce leadership qualities in others.

Series 11 - Talk 3 - The Production Level of Leadership

On the Production level a leader needs to produce results. Personal qualities and people skills are not enough to reach one's goal or produce results. Successes lead to confidence and gather momentum. Problems are solved easier.

Series 11 - Talk 2 - The Permission Level of Leadership

Leaders can take people much further when they willingly follow than when they are told authoritatively to follow. Both Jesus and Nehemiah motivated people to follow.

Series 11 - Talk 1 - The Position Level of Leadership

The five levels of leadership are like the rungs of a ladder towards transformational leadership. The levels grow from the Position level, to Permission, Production, People development and finally to the Personhood level.

Series 10 - Talk 16 - Dealing with Ego Problems

Some leaders lead in order to be recognized. A leader's ego can be his/her biggest downfall. Jesus was not so concerned about rewards from men rather just wanted to please His Father. Leaders today should assess why they lead.

Series 10 - Talk 15 - Jesus’ Example of Forgiveness

Every leader has been hurt. If that hurt festers, it can wreak havoc with our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. As Jesus forgave, leaders today also need to forgive.

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