The Kindness of Jesus

As we live in an unprecedented time, and in the middle of the Christmas season, it is important that we show the kindness of Jesus in practical ways. When we first experience the kindness of Jesus in our life, we can live it out to those around us. In our family, neighborhood, and community giving and receiving kindness from one another is somethin…read more

The Patience of Jesus

Real patience includes trust in God, persevering, and letting him transform your life. God is patient with us and is committed to helping us become more like Jesus. Patience is an expression of love. How can you be more patient with other people? When has God been patient with you? What are the consequences of being impatient?

Stepping out of Despair

How do you respond when you reach a low point in life? Where do you find hope? How do you move forward by faith? Joseph was missed treated by his family, sold into slavery, thrown into prison even though he was innocent, and yet continue to abide with God. His story includes trusting God, serving other people, courageously bringing the truth, and forgiving and saving the ones who hurt him.

Crushed Dreams

What does it feel like to have your dreams crushed? How do you recover in life when your hopes are dashed? What does it look like to trust God and his guidance during times of devastation? Joseph has some very unhealthy relationships with his siblings. There is rivalry, competition, envy, and injustice. God gives Joseph a dream and one day he will serve the people who have mistreated him. Joseph’s story points us to Jesus who is faithful and kind even when he is murdered.

Wrestling with God

What does it mean to wrestle with God? When is it good to wrestle with God? Why are you wrestling with God? In a relationship with God, there will be defining moments. Your relationship with God affects every relationship you have. Jacob was sly, Manipulative, and cunning. This pattern affected all of his relationships until eventually he wrestled with God. A deep encounter with God is transformative and gives us a new direction and depth in our lives.

What is God's Plan?

What does it look like to listen to God and trust His direction during the day? We need God’s clarity, God’s courage, and God’s process. Are you teachable in these three areas? Deciding a career, where to live, who to marry, choosing friends, and when to pray are all significant decisions. Many people forge their own path based on feelings and ignore God’s Word and voice. God sees the entire story and wants to guide us with love.

Parenting with Peace

How can God be the source of peace in the season you are in? Maybe being a parent is not a role you have yet. Maybe your child is now an adult. Regardless of the season of life you are currently in, God’s relationship with Abraham described in Genesis 22 can guide you on your Relationship Roadmap with Him and others. God wants to be, and can be, “the” source of strength, wisdom, and peace in your life.

Breaking Destructive Patterns

Why do we repeat the same sins? How does Jesus help us overcome addictions? What does it take to break a spiritual stronghold of darkness in your life? Abraham had a pattern of telling lies. He was crafty and cunning, but ultimately God convicted him of his rebellion. The core issue is that he was not trusting God and not secure and God’s love. Your view of who God is will affect all of your decisions and relationships.

God Is Protecting You

God protects you far more than you realize. God will give you a song in the darkness. God will give you a solution in the dispute. God will give you a delivery in the battle. When have you seen God’s protection? How do you thank God for His mercy and grace? Is God directing you to rescue someone else?

Why Does God Bless You?

What blessings has God brought into your life? How are these blessings connected to the nations? Are you open to God expanding your vision? God blesses you because He is good, and demonstrates His love to you. God also honors you as you honor Him. God rewards those who seek Him and trust His word. There are many reasons God blesses you. One reason that is often overlooked is that God blesses you so that you will bless other people.

Because God Said It

Are you listening to God? What is your view of the Bible? What is your response when God asks you to do something difficult? Noah and his family were alive during one of the darkest times in human history. God provided a rescue for anyone who would believe Him. Jesus is the Messiah and the ark points to Him. Noah’s family united together with faith, purpose, and endurance.

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