Beware of False Teaching

Walk in love and truth: 1 The heart of a protector 2 The deception of a false teacher 3 The test of false teaching

Overcoming Negativity

Practical Steps: 1 Get connected and committed to the positivity of Jesus. 2 Grow up in your thinking as you align with God. 3 Galvanize people to live for God and gain new victories.

Are You Walking with Me

On The Same Page: 1 A complete integrity 2 A common goal 3 A cheerful unselfishness 4 A commitment to Jesus

God's Generosity

What motivates and inspires you to be generous? Why did Jesus continue to give in difficult times? How does unselfishness change lives?

An Uprising

Why is the resurrection of Jesus significant? What does it mean for you today? How is God leading you to come alive and change the culture?

Relationship Rhythms

We are called and led to be: 1 Reaching- initiate and not give up 2 Repenting- move in a new direction 3 Refreshing- bring comfort and encouragement

Jesus Over All

Jesus Is Worthy: 1 Christ over complacency 2 Christ over culture 3 Christ over comfortable 4 Christ over compromise

Ambassadors of Jesus

When you decide to follow Jesus, you are a new creation. Your identity is in the Lord, and He gives you a new purpose and passion. You are now an ambassador of Jesus on a special mission daily and eternally.

Death and Heaven for Christians

Heaven is our destiny as Christians. However, we do not live to die. Heaven is the greatest motivation for us Christian to live a courageous life with purpose and accountability.

What's inside the Jar?

Some causes and goals are worth everything we have. The love and calling of Jesus are intense joyful and radical. Living by faith includes courage and unselfishness.

This Is Better

Moving forward with God includes: 1 the difference between self-confidence and divine confidence. 2 the difference between fading glory and increasing glory. 3 the difference between preliminary and ultimate. 4 the difference between the law and the Spirit.

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