Building God's Temple In the 21st Century America

In obedience to God's call through Haggai, the Jews built & dedicated the 2nd temple.  However, those who were old enough to have seen Solomon's temple were totally discouraged and wept because the second temple looked very insignificant compared to the magnitude of the first temple.  Then, the prophet Haggai proclaimed God's message to these peopl…read more


If you realize how much direction you need, you will ask God for more of it.

Powerful Prayers

There is healing, encouragement, and transformation when you pray to God. Jesus wants to change lives in this generation.

A Strong Patience

How patient are you? How do you wait well? How is God working in your life as you rely on Him?

When you Call the Shots

Pride has many faces and components. Are you trying to push God out of the way? Why is reliance on God so healthy?

The Wisdom of Humility

Walk in wisdom as you rest in God's promises, resist the devil and remove unnecessary contact.

The Echo of Your Words

The power of life and death are in your words, and God has given you tremendous influence through them.

The Faith You Want

Faith is expressed through love. This message clears up many misconceptions and lies about faith.

Playing Favorites

Playing favorites is a subtle relationship trap. Do you discriminate based on a person's appearance, race, or wealth? Display God's consistent love in your relationships and conversations.

Is Anyone Listening?

How closely are you listening to God? Does it show in the way that you listen to other people? A good listener is wise and compassionate.

Seeing Clearly

What trials are you enduring? How are you growing through these challenges? God is making you more like Jesus.

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