Waking Up

Are you going through the motions? Have you become complacent with sin? Lost motivation and an urgency to spread the gospel?

What Did You Say?

Your words are steering the direction of your relationships towards or away from God.

Check Your Attitude

Are you thinking and acting like you do not know Jesus instead of letting Him renew you?

We More Than Me

A healthy church can only happen when individuals sacrificially look beyond themselves.

The Inside Story

What is the condition in the depths of your being?

The Mystery of God

God conceals and reveals His mysteries with power and perfect timing.

The New Humanity

Christ has made us the new humanity – the Church.

The Real Gospel

Nothing will change you as deeply and daily as the gospel.

A New Source of Power

Knowing God leads to the unleashing of His benevolent power in your life.

The Riches of God's Grace

God's design is that everything in your life is linked to Jesus and His grace.

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