A prayer movement is intentional and we are made to seek and worship Jesus. Let Jesus refresh you and bring life to what has been scorched and damaged.

God's Gracious Promises

Be laser-focused on the mission God has given you. God will acomplish what He has promised to do. God’s grace extends to everyone.

Peace Has A Name

Peace is relational. Jesus is the Source, Maker, and Sustainer of your peace.

New Experiences of Peace

As your trust in God grows deeper, His peace prevails over chaos, unexpected challenges, and our past failures.

Peace Thieves

Worry, opposition, and fear want to take away your peace of mind and soul. Learn how to remove their power with God's help.

Conditional Peace

You have as much of God's peace as you want. Surrender to Jesus is key because peace is primarily relational.


You will discover God's full design when you embrace these words: The Lord's will be done. Your purpose is saturated with the grace of God and points everyone there.


Living for Jesus is more important than guarding the familiar. God's plans usually involve reaching more people and giving you expanded and strategic roles.

This is My Passion

What do you want to talk about? What do you want to do the most? What is holding you back? How has God gifted you?

Hearts Stirred in Ephesus

The power of the gospel transformed the idolatrous culture of Ephesus.

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