Love includes sacrifice. There is no greater love than to lay down your life for someone else. Jesus demonstrated this love when He died on the cross to pay the full price for our sins. How did Isaiah prophesy in the Old Testament the suffering of the coming Messiah? How did Jesus fulfill this specific prophecy in great detail? What is the full significance of the atoning death of our Savior?

Jesus Redeems

God is a redeemer. He pursues, rescues, in basis back through Jesus. We all have a great need for God’s redemption. Will you admit how much you need the Lord? Will you receive the grace that He wants to shower on redemption. Will you admit how much you need the Lord? Will you receive the grace that He wants to shower on you? Will you extend God’s love to the people in your life?

Jesus Serves

The Savior of the world meets our needs, lays down his life, and is faithful to Father God. It is uncommon for a king to be the one who serves everyone. Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords yet he died on the cross to pay the full price for our sins. This is the ultimate in servant leadership. Serving is your calling. Whoever is truly great serves other people well. It is better to give than to receive.

The Sufficiency of God

Is God going to provide what you really need? Can you trust Him fully? What does it look like to rely on God

To Whom Will You Compare God

The more that you focus on God, the more that your life will be fruitful. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and in all places. God is our Creator and always existed. God is transcendent above the nations. God never grows tired or weary. God gives His strength to those who trust in Him.

God's Comfort

Where do you go to meet your essential need for comfort on a daily basis? Who or what do you turn to? What is God’s comfort, and who needs it? Isaiah prophecies a word of comfort over God’s people who are tired, broken, wearied, and exiled. They desperately needed God’s promise of comfort. And despite their lack of faithfulness, God remains faithful for his sake and for his glory to be known. We won’t ever stop needing God’s comfort; for him to lighten our burden and make our yoke easy. How do we now stop resisting the comfort of God and enter into his rest?

God's Judgement and Mercy

The judgment of God is personal and national. The faithfulness of God is our only hope. The mercy of God is the song of the redeemed. Do you ever wonder when specific people and nations will have to answer to God? How does God have the final say within justice? Will prosperous cultures who rebelled against God and bring destruction simply get away with it?

You Have a Holy Calling

There is a calling on your life from God. This calling has three elements: your personal relationship with God, your character, and your influence. Isaiah was called by God to bring a message to people with hard hearts. Our role is to be faithful, and trust God with the results. Do you not focus on what you cannot control. God has given you many talents, resources, and opportunities. God is glorified as you represent Him even in the most difficult circumstances.

Turn To God Now

The prophet Isaiah is speaking to the nation and calling them to return to God. What is the condition of your soul? Jesus is the cure for our sin and rebellion. Jesus heals deep wounds. Jesus brings hope when you feel despair. The invitation from God is trustworthy. His kindness leads you home. There is one voice that is strong, true and reliable. What will it take for you to repent and lead others to God and His goodness?

A Meaningful Pause

Do you feel exhausted by the pace of life? Do you take time to stop, think, and pray? When was the last time you had a spiritually refreshing experience with God?

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