Happy Are the Harassed, Part 2a

If you follow Jesus Christ . . . if you’re His disciple . . . you have pitted yourself against the culture, and conflict is inevitable. So how can you have genuine joy, even when others revile you? How can you experience a happiness no persecution can shake? Find out, on GRACE TO YOU.

Happy Are the Harassed, Part 1

You may face persecution at your school, or with your friends, or in your family—simply for being a Christian. How can you deal with that and still have joy in your faith? John MacArthur answers that question, showing you what Christ meant when He said . . . “Happy Are the Harassed.” That’s on the next GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Happy Are the Peacemakers, Part 2

It’s something of a stereotype that’s associated with celebrities. Their great hope for mankind is world peace. Of course, we all want peace, but is peace really possible? Well, the answer is yes if you understand what Jesus meant when He said, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Hear more from John MacArthur on the next edition of GRACE TO YOU.

Happy Are the Peacemakers, Part 1

History is full of people claiming they’ve achieved peace when they have not. So how can you be different? How can you experience genuine peace . . . and help others find it? Get answers as John MacArthur continues his study of . . . The Beatitudes . . . showing you what Jesus meant by . . . “blessed are the peacemakers” . . . on the next GRACE TO YOU.

Happy Are the Holy, Part 2

What makes the biblical concept of happiness different than any other? What does "Pure of Heart" mean? Listen to Dr. John MacArthur share the answers in this edition of "Grace to Your".

Happy Are the Holy, Part 1

The word beatitude—singular—means perfect blessedness or happiness. The plural form—Beatitudes—refers specifically to eight statements Jesus spoke. . . eight short yet profound truths that unlock the secret to genuine, unbreakable happiness. Hear more on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Happy Are the Merciful, Part 2

If someone asked you when you’re most happy you probably wouldn’t say it’s when you’re forgiving someone who hurt you or staying up night after night with a sick relative. Yet, as John MacArthur will show you on GRACE TO YOU, there’s a link between being merciful and being truly happy that you’ve probably never thought of.

Happy Are the Merciful, Part 1

Webster’s defines mercy a number of ways: a disposition to forgive or to be kind . . . compassionate treatment . . . refraining from punishing offenders. Those definitions get pretty close to what Jesus meant when He said, “Blessed are the merciful” in His Sermon on the Mount.Yet there’s a depth of meaning you can’t get from a dictionary. John MacArthur gives you that expanded, biblical understanding on GRACE TO YOU.

Happy Are the Hungry, Part 3

What do you crave . . . what do you need to be happy? Well . . . if you’re a believer, there is nothing more essential for you to crave than . . . righteousness. Question is, how do you build that hunger? Consider that on GRACE TO YOU.

Happy Are the Hungry,Part 2

Spend even a half hour watching a cooking show, and I don’t think there’s any doubt . . . your mouth’s going to water, at least a little. We all know what it feels like to want food. But how’s your appetite for. . . holiness? Tough question, but you need to ask yourself . . . how long since you had hunger pangs that only Jesus Christ could satisfy? Hear more on GRACE TO YOU.

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