Salvation is Irrevocable, Part 3b

Perhaps you recently yielded to a temptation that you’d never struggled with before . . . or maybe you wrestle with the same temptation day after day. How does that sin affect your ultimate standing with God? Is it possible to sin so badly that God would withdraw His saving grace from you? John MacArthur answers that on GRACE TO YOU.

Salvation is Irrevocable, Part 3a

When you’re playing a sport, applying for college, or interviewing for a job you do everything you can to show your value to highlight what you can contribute. But, when it comes to your salvation there’s nothing you contribute . . . nothing you can do to earn salvation. A natural follow-up question is, can you do anything to lose your salvation? Find out on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Salvation is Irrevocable, Part 2

Charles Spurgeon said, if he didn’t believe that salvation is permanent—that once you’re saved, you’re saved forever—he “should be of all men the most miserable, because [he would] lack any ground for comfort.”Well, friend, how about you—do you have assurance that you’re saved for good. . . that right now you’re in the permanent grip of God? Hear more from John MacArthur on GRACE TO YOU.

Salvation is Irrevocable, Part 1

On good days, God is our focus from morning till night, and everything seems to go well. But on bad days, we keep God in the background and feel battered by sin at day’s end. If you’re ever going to question the legitimacy of your salvation, undoubtedly it’s on one of those “bad days.” But while what we think and feel about salvation may change,salvation itself does not—it’s irrevocable. Hear more on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Progress of Salvation, Part 2

A theater owner once offered free admission,though with one important condition: Each “guest” had to pay to get out at the end of the film! Sadly, a good many people hold a similar view of salvation thinking the free gift of eternal life isn’t free at all—you have to pay for it—and on top of that,you can never be fully assured of your salvation. What encouragement would you have for someone with that mindset?Hear more from John MacArthur on GRACE TO YOU.

The Progress of Salvation, Part 1

There is great comfort for you—if you’re a Christian—in looking ahead—knowing God has a plan for you. . . that He’s secured your future in heaven. John MacArthur looks at God’s foreknowledge. . . and what it means for your salvation . . . today on GRACE TO YOU. It’s part of his study titled . . .The Grip of God.

The Purpose of Salvation, Part 2

You may know that God is holy . . . you’re a sinner . . . and the penalty for sin is death. And you may have repented of your sin . . . and turned in faith to Christ. Yet with all that, do you sometimes wonder . . .“Has God really saved me forever?”Hear more from John MacArthur on GRACE TO YOU.

The Purpose of Salvation, Part 1

It’s been called the greatest of all miracles . . . God granting salvation to an unworthy sinner. That right there—the fact that we’re unworthy—helps us understand why the miracle of salvation is so great. But what’s the reason behind that gracious act? Why would God . . . who sees all our sin and knows how undeserving we are . . . why would He save us? Find out on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Recipients, Source, and Certainty of Security, Part 2

If you went to the doctor and he seemed to know nothing about human anatomy, disease, or medicine—well . . . you’d be smart to go elsewhere . . . because that guy’s clearly no doctor. Sadly,some people see no problem when a person claims to be a Christian . . . but his actions, attitudes, and way of life bear no resemblance to what the Bible says a Christian should be. Hear more on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Recipients, Source, and Certainty of Security, Part 1

It’s certainly a blessing to be chosen class valedictorian . . . most valuable player . . . or employee of the month. Fact is, there’s only one thing you could be selected for that really matters . . . and matters for eternity. John MacArthur explains that today on GRACE TO YOU, as he shows you what it means to be chosen by God . . . to know that His love for you will never wane.

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