Warning to an Apostate Nation (#1)

When you look at the TV, newspaper—even out your window—and think about how bad the world’s become, it’s worth noting that many great nations have gone down similar roads before. On today’s GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur considers the prophecies of Jeremiah . . . in a study dealing with ancient nations . . . and some frightening similarities we share. John calls this series . . . God’s Word to an Ungodly Society

Isaiah - A Godly Man in a Nation in Crisis (#2)

Some say that working to change society through political means is like giving a cancer patient a band-aid—it offers no cure for the real problem. But . . . where sinful behavior and agendas can be controlled by legal means, shouldn’t Christians make a political stand? Or do we take different aim . . . and devote ourselves only to evangelism? It’s never been more important to answer those questions. John MacArthur gives a timely, biblical perspective today on GRACE TO YOU.

Isaiah - A Godly Man in a Nation in Crisis (#1)

When your nation seems to be experiencing great prosperity and blessing, and at the same time it’s accepting—even promoting—all sorts of sin, you might wonder what God thinks of the situation . . . more important, what He might be prepared to do.Well, John MacArthur’s going to show you God’s clear and urgent answer in the study he begins today on GRACE TO YOU.

The Cardiology of Worldliness (#2)

As humans, we tend to cling to sineven though we know it’s deadly and unsafe.So what makes sin so alluring . . . and what can you do about its power? Find out today as John MacArthur helps you resist sin .. . continuing his brand-new series on GRACE TO YOU titled . . . The Love God Hates.

The Cardiology of Worldliness (#1)

Why Christians Don’t Love the World (#2)

Why Christians Don’t Love the World (#1)

The Love God Hates (#2)

The Love God Hates (#1)

Why I Love the Church (#2)

Perhaps you know a professing Christian who says, “I’d go to church if it wasn’t for all the hypocrites.” Or maybe a member of a local church has mistreated or criticized you, even lied to you. Sadly, that happens. People in churches don’t always act like—well— Christians. So that raises the question . . . Can you follow Christ and not be part of a church? Is that an option? Today’s lesson on GRACE TO YOU can help you answer those questions . . . as John MacArthur explains why he loves the church, and why you should too.

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