The Doctrine of Salvation, Assurance, Part 1

Can a believer ever forfeit his salvation, say, by denying Jesus? What about the unpardonable sin Jesus talks about in Matthew 12? Can a believer commit that sin? Bottom line,is there any way you can lose your salvation? John MacArthur’s tackling that question head on GRACE TO YOU.

The Security of Salvation, Part 3b

Shortly after the Reformation, one leading Cardinal in the Catholic Church wrote, “The greatest of all protestant heresies is . . . assurance.” But if you’re a Christian, if you have believed the gospel, you can have unshakeable confidence you’ll spend eternity with God.John MacArthur explains why on GRACE TO YOU.

The Security of Salvation, Part 3a

The great preacher Charles Spurgeon once said . . . “It seems as if doubt were doomed to be the companion of faith.”Can you relate to those words . . . even if you repented of your sin, confessed Christ as Lord, and have grown in God’s truth ever since? Have you wondered if it’s possible to sin so grievously that you actually lose your salvation? Hear more on this edition of GRACE TO YOU.

The Security of Salvation, Part 2b

When it comes to your salvation . . . there’s nothing you contribute . . . nothing you can do to earn salvation.Now, you might already know that . . . but a natural follow-up question is . . . can you do anything to lose your salvation? John MacArthur answers that question on this edition of GRACE TO YOU.

The Security of Salvation, Part 2a

A title deed proves you own a valuable piece of property. But when it comes to the most valuable possession of all—your salvation—what proof do you have that it’s yours for keeps? Join John MacArthur as he looks at one of the Bible’s most encouraging doctrines . . .Eternal Security. That’s the title of his study on GRACE TO YOU.

The Security of Salvation, Part 1b

Human love can be fickle and imperfect. Thankfully, the same can’t be said of God’s love for you. If you’re God’s child, you’re in His family forever. He will never leave you or forsake you. John MacArthur shows you the compelling reason why on GRACE TO YOU

The Security of Salvation, Part 1a

“Once saved, always saved” . . . what do you think . . . true statement? Or could you do something—commit some horrible sin—that would cause you to forfeit your salvation? Well, starting today on GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur’s going to help you see what Scripture has to say about the permanence of your salvation..

Daniel in the Lions’ Den, Part 2

So when does the temptation to compromise, sneak up on you? When you . . . file your tax return . . .submit an insurance claim? Maybe it’s when you’re looking for an excuse—any excuse—to get out of a commitment you made? Fact is, temptation to compromise could hit before this day’s over. How can you maintain integrity in every circumstance? Find out by listening to this edition of GRACE T.O YOU.

Daniel in the Lions’ Den, Part 1

Maybe you’ve found yourself tempted to compromise your Christian convictions in the things you say, the decisions you make,the relationships you keep,what you read, watch, and listen to. So how do you stand on convictions, under light pressure . . . and heavy pressure? When consequences are minor . . .or serious? Hear more on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Christian Ethics, Part 4 Submission and Supplication, Part 2

Standing before the Holy Roman Emperor,facing the threat of death,Martin Luther boldly proclaimed,“My conscience is captive to the Word of God.”His courageous stand for the truth was the spark that lit the fires of the Reformation.The question is, how can you face trials and persecution with unflinching faithfulness to the Lord? Find out on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

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