Not Being Ashamed of Christ, Part 4

You’ve probably heard that Christians are to “let thei r lights shine.” But how do you live as a light in a world that’s growing increasingly hostile to biblical teaching and those who stand on Christian principles?

Not Being Ashamed of Christ, Part 3

Perhaps you’ve heard that Christians are called by God. Question is, called to what? John MacArthur shows you how to live the kind of life that honors Christ’s calling . . . a life that’s unashamed.

Not Being Ashamed of Christ, Part 2

What keeps you from telling others about Christ? May be you’re afraid of feeling awkward . . . or you don’t think you’ll say the right thing. How can you be more fearless in proclaiming the gospel?

Not Being Ashamed of Christ , Part 1

If you’re a Christian, the Bible says you’re to let your light shine for all to see. But, what might be hindering you from honoring Christ in your daily life?

Motivating a Spiritual Son, Part 2

What keeps you from telling people about the grace of Christ? Perhaps you’re shy . . . or afraid you won’t say the right things. John MacArthur shows you a motivation that should overcome every hesitation to proclaim the gospel

Motivating a Spiritual Son, Part 1

We live in a world increasingly hostile to biblical truth. And if you’re a Christian, you’re sure to face increased derision and ridicule for your beliefs. How can you honor Christ in such a world?

Our God-Breathed Bible

Scripture says that it was literally God Breathed . . . but what exactly does that mean? Find out how the Bible you read came to be . . . and how its divine source should affect the way you respond to its teaching, today on GRACE TO YOU.

Separating from Unbelievers, Part 8

You may have clear goals for learning more Scripture, climbing the corporate ladder, improving your fitness. But what sort of goals should you set for your relationships . . . and how can the Bible help you reach them? Find out, today on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

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