Which Way to Heaven? Part 1

You’ve probably heard the proverb “all roads lead to Rome.” Meaning there are different routes to the same result. But when it comes to salvation are there multiple roads to heaven? Consider that as John MacArthur looks at the gospel and . . .The Way to Heaven, John’s study hereon GRACE TO YOU,

The Key to Maintaining Family Unity

Despite the attacks that threaten to destroy it, the family still remains a cultural adhesive that stirs feelings of loyalty and ties people together. But that doesn’t mean all families today are truly close as they should be. How do you fix that? What are your responsibilities? Hear Dr. John MacArthur shares the answers on "Grace to You".

God’s Pattern for Children, Part 2

The word “terrifying”probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of a baby. Yet without godly parents to nurture and address that baby’s sinful nature, his or her life is in a position to cause intense sorrow. On GRACE TO YOU hear John MacArthur provide some practical, biblical insight on how parents,even grandparents,can guide, protect, and instruct children as they grow.It’s a “don’t miss”

God’s Pattern for Parents, Part 3

How do you help your children achieve theirgoals? How do you keep them from rebelling against your authority? Keep those questions in mind as John MacArthur looks at what Scripture says to moms and dads, and shows you the biggest mistakes you need to avoid.

God’s Pattern for Parents, Part 2

It’s been said “Parents can only give their kids good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of their character lies in their own hands.”But every Christian parent wants an answer to the question, what can I doto helpmy child want to embrace Jesus Christ? An all-important question John MacArthur tackles on GRACE TO YOU,

Bible Questions and Answers

From time to time, John MacArthur setsaside an evening service to answer questions from his congregation at Grace Community Church in Southern California. Listen in on a portion of one of those Q&A sessions here on GRACE TO YOU as John answers questions that, more than likely, you might’ve had.

God’s Pattern for Parents, Part 1

Providing a safe home where they can grow and learn, giving them a quality education and words of encouragement—those are a few ways you can show your children that you love them. But what’s the most important way to express love for your kids? Find out as John MacArthur takes a close look at God’s pattern for parents on GRACE TO YOU

God’s Pattern for Children, Part 3

What do children need most? A good education? Positive encouragement? Unconditional love? All are good but what about their need for salvation? Consider that question as John MacArthur continues one of his most popular studies called The Fulfilled Family, on GRACE TO YOU,

God’s Pattern for Children, Part 2

What does the Bible say about our moral condition—even before we’re born? It would be hard to overstate just how important that question is. The answer’s going to affect every aspect of your parenting, from the way you discipline, to what you teach your kids about God and salvation. Learn more on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

God’s Pattern for Children, Part 1

Thousands of American moms and dads hire foreign companies boasting high-caliber, more affordable instructors—to tutor their children over the Internet. But while long-distance education may help your child grow academically, you can’t afford to outsource your child’s spiritual training. John MacArthur shows you some practical ways you can teach your child godliness at home, on today’s GRACE TO YOU.

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