Purity, Unity, and Using Our Spiritual Gifts

When you think of the basics of the Christian life, some actions might seem obvious—like studying Scripture, prayer, or giving people the gospel. On GRACE TO YOU , John’s going to address an issue you might have overlooked . . . purity. He’ll show you the importance of honoring God by remaining pure . . . and the devastating dangers of neglecting this vital discipline.

Obedience, Prayer, and Proclaiming the Word, Part 2

The name of the Lord has far greater implications than you might suspect, especially for your prayers. On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur helps you understand the fundamentals of prayer, as well as how to lead others to Christ. It’s part his study called . . . Back to Basics.

Obedience, Prayer, and Proclaiming the Word, Part 1

In the Bible, when God asks His servants to do something, the “methods, means, materials, and specific directions were always provided. The man had one thing to do: obey.”Yet keeping up your end of the deal—obeying God in every situation—is not easy, is it? How do you become more obedient . . . and how do you avoid the same recurring sins? Find out, on GRACE TO YOU.

Trust, Praise, and Bearing Fruit

Can you become so in tune with God it becomes second nature to obey Him? Well, if you focus on the fundamentals of the Christian faith—if you work at the basics—you will definitely experience growth and you’ll notice your life becoming more in step with the Lord. John MacArthur helps drive those fundamentals home on GRACE TO YOU.

Confessing Our Sin, Part 2

On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur will show you why it’s crucial to understand just how horrible sin is . . . and the proper way to deal with it. His current series on the fundamentals of Christian living is called . . . Back to Basics.

Confessing Our Sin, Part 1

To glorify God with your life, you need to confess your sin. A simple point . . . and one that’s of paramount importance to your spiritual growth. On this edition of GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur, John shows you the fundamentals you need to master to grow spiritually.

Confessing Jesus as Lord and Glorifying God, Part 2

As you think about your life as a Christian, you know your goal is to honor God in everything you do . . . but maybe you sense you’re flying a bit off course. You don’t have autopilot—you need to make the adjustments. So how do you do that? Find out , on this edition of GRACE TO YOU, with John MacArthur.

Confessing Jesus as Lord and Glorifying God, Part 1

The Westminster catechism calls it the chief end—or highest purpose—of mankind. Simply put, you were created to glorify God. But what exactly does it mean to give God glory? John MacArthur has answers, on this edition of GRACE TO YOU, with John MacArthur.

Keys to Spiritual Growth–Introduction

When you got out of bed this morning, you probably didn’t have to think about opening your eyes . . .what to do first . . .how to get ready for your day. Some things are so fundamental—so basic—you don’t have to think about them. But that’s not always the case with the basics of Christian living. John MacArthur shows you why on GRACE TO YOU.

Our Resources in Christ, Part 2

Enter a model home and rest assured the base price doesn’t include the all the extra features you’ll see. But that’s not the case when you enter the Christian life—it’s a complete package with infinite spiritual riches from the moment you’re saved. So what are the riches, how do you tap into them? Get answers,on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

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