Dying to Live, Part 2 (#2)

Why is it that . . . even knowing sin’s terror and consequences . . . we so often find it enticing? And how can you defend yourself from sin’s allure? John MacArthur is helping you answer those questions as he shows you why you can know true Freedom from Sin. That’s the title of his series here on GRACE TO YOU.

Dying to Live, Part 2 (#1)

Romans chapter 6 talks about Christians experiencing the death of the “old man.” If you’re wondering what that means practically in your life, we encourage you to stay with us as John MacArthur continues the compelling study titled Freedom from Sin . . . on today’s GRACE TO YOU.

Dying to Live, Part 1 (#2)

One theologian has said that holiness starts where justification ends . . . and if it doesn’t start, we can suspect that justification never started either. What that means for you and me: If you don’t see holiness in a professing believer, it could well be that person really isn’t a Christian. So the question for us is . . . does holiness characterize our lives—have we experienced freedom from sin? John MacArthur brings us face to face with that issue today on GRACE TO YOU.

Dying to Live, Part 1 (#1)

Maybe you just paid off your credit cards . . . or retired a car loan. But as significant as breaking financial shackles may be . . . breaking the bonds of sin is far more important. But can you even experience freedom like that in this lifetime? John MacArthur points you to the answer in his study called Freedom from Sin. . . here on GRACE TO YOU!

Bible Questions and Answers, Part 58

John MacArthur’s going to take a break from walking you verse-by-verse through a passage of Scripture. Instead, he’s going to field questions about the Bible and the Christian life. The questions come from people at John’s home church in Los Angeles . . . they’re probably questions you’ve wondered about.

The Church has No Fellowship with the World (#2)

In the early twentieth century, a movement swept across Christianity that taught that the church should focus on fighting alcoholism, poverty, any other social ills. Now, while those are good desires, should they be at the heart of the church’s mission? What does Scripture say about the purpose of the church—why was it created and how should it function? Consider that today as John continues his study on how you can effectively serve the Lord and flourish spiritually even amid the social chaos that is commonplace today on GRACE TO YOU.

Calling Rulers to Repentance (#2 of 2)

You may think the only way to make government better is by voting out the bad leaders. But when was the last time you prayed for bad leaders to become good leaders—for God to redeem the people in authority over you? John MacArthur recently called his church to pray for the repentance of California’s governor. Learn why as we break from our regular schedule . . . on GRACE TO YOU.

Calling Rulers to Repentance (#1 of 2)

After California’s governor recently had billboards put up in politically conservative states, encouraging women there to come to California to have abortions, John MacArthur wrote an open letter to the governor . . . and then preached the message that you’ll hear on the next GRACE TO YOU. Tune in as we interrupt our regular schedule to air that message, titled . . . “Calling Rulers to Repentance.”

A Plea to a Governor Who Mocks God

You may have heard about an open letter that John MacArthur wrote to California’s governor. It has prompted a lot of discussion about leaders who blaspheme God . . . and how the church should respond. That in mind, be here for a new interview called “A Plea to a Governor Who Mocks God”—we’re preempting our regular schedule to bring it to you . . . on GRACE TO YOU.

Could Jesus Come Today? (#2)

He’s known as the church’s first martyr—Stephen. Acts 7 tells us that after being mocked, beaten, and stoned, he cries out, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” With his last breath, he did not insult his attackers or seek revenge, he obeyed and glorified Christ. Now, you’ll probably never have to face that kind of persecution. But like Stephen you live in a culture filled with people, institutions, and politicians that hate you. John MacArthur continues his brand-new series on GRACE TO YOU tilted . . . The World vs. the Kingdom of God.

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