Delivered to Satan, Part 1a

As a great Puritan preacher once explained, the purpose for what’s known as church discipline is “to ensure the continuance, increase, and preservation in purity, order, and holiness” of the church. And sometimes that discipline has to get extreme—a rebellious church member receives the maximum punishment. The Bible calls it being delivered to Satan. Hear more,from John MacArthur, on GRACE TO YOU.

Fighting the Noble War, Part 2b

When God’s Word says you’re wrestling with a spiritual enemy, it’s not talking about some competition where no one’s hurt in the end. It’s a picture of a life-and-death struggle. And though you can’t see your foe, his attacks are real.Thankfully, God’s Word provides you with the strategies you need to face spiritual warfare and come out victorious. Hear more from John MacArthur, on GRACE TO YOU.

Fighting the Noble War, Part 2a

The true nature of spiritual warfare is subtle and dangerous . . .more than you may realize. In fact, if you’re a Christian the most heated battleground is most likely wherever you have your devotions. John MacArthur explains that connection,on GRACE TO YOU.

Fighting the Noble War, Part 1b

Modern schools of religious thought leave little, if any, room for a real devil. Then again, there are those who not only say the devil is real, but he’s someone you need to hunt down and control before he controls you.Which view is closer to the truth? What does God’s Word really say? Find out,on this edition of GRACE TO YOU.

Fighting the Noble War, Part 1a

The battlefield is definitely not the place to find out you’re not prepared to fight. That’s also true in terms of the spiritual war facing every believer. Satan’s attacks are relentless, cunning, and effective.So how can you be victorious over such a strong enemy? What resources has God given for your defense? Find out, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The True Spirit of Christmas

Everyone enjoys spending time with family and getting into the Christmas spirit. But you can spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on presents for others . . . you can decorate every inch of your home . . . you can attend every holiday event in your community . . . and still not have . . . the true Christmas spirit. Hear more, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Amazing Child of Christmas

Two ordinary Jewish young people were faced with the most astounding child the world has ever known. And so many astonishing and astounding things were said about Jesus Christ. Joseph and his mother were amazed at the things said about Him. Hear more, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Marvelous Birth of the King

While a record of your ancestry can be fascinating, it probably has little impact on your social status. Jesus’ genealogy determined where He lived and who His friends would be. Where He paid taxes and the synagogue He belonged to. What’s more, Jesus’ ancestry shows that when He was born in Bethlehem, it was a royal birth. Hear more, on the GRACE TO YOU, with John MacArthur.

The Child Who Was God

When He was born 2,000 years ago, hardly anyone noticed. But in about seven weeks . . . you and millions around the world will celebrate Jesus’ birth. Question is, why? Why should you care so much about a baby born in Bethlehem? Find out, on GRACE TO YOU, with John MacArthur.

The Power of Christmas Truth

Whether you grew up going to church or not, you’re probably familiar with the basic facts of Christmas. Jesus was born to a virgin . . . angels announced His birth . . . and shepherds visited the baby. But if someone asked you what makes all those details so life changing . . . would you know what to say? Find out, on the next GRACE TO YOU, with John MacArthur.

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