From Glory to Glory, Part 2 (#2)

“How can I glorify God?”That’s the most essential question any Christian can ask themselves in any situation. So what’s the answer? How can you be confident you’re truly honoring the Lord, not just when you pray or tells others about Christ . . . but when you’re driving the kids not school or heading off to work? John MacArthur provides biblical answers today on GRACE TO YOU as he continues his practical series, simply titled . . . How to Live for God’s Glory.

From Glory to Glory, Part 2 (#1)

When the phone rings in the middle of the night . . . when the doctor sees something ominous on your test results . . . when it looks like you could—or when you actually do—lose your job . . . how do you respond in a way that shows you’re trusting in the One who’s always in control . . . who always deserves your trust? John MacArthur’s helping you think biblically about your trials in his current series here on GRACE TO YOU

From Glory to Glory, Part 1 (#2)

You know that being a Christian means honoring God, giving Him glory. But how do you know if you’re hitting the mark—truly glorifying Him in everything you think, say, or do?Well, John MacArthur’s going to lead you through a little self-test today . . . some questions to ask yourself. The answers can help you know if you really are living for God’s glory.How to Live for God’s Glory. . . that’s the title of John’s study hereon GRACE TO YOU. It’s a step-by-step guide to fulfilling your ultimate purpose.

From Glory to Glory, Part 1 (#1)

What’s the most important thing you can with your life? What’s your ultimate purpose? Well, it’s simple, it’s . . . glorifying God. Stay here for the study John MacArthur launches today. It will show you . . . How to Live for God’s Glory.That’s today on GRACE TO YOU.

A Jet Tour Through Revelation

For a month now, we’ve been bringing you a collection of landmark sermons from John MacArthur’s 53 years of pulpit ministry. Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface of a series on The New Testament, Beginning to End. But today you will hear the compelling concluding message—it’s titled . . . “A Jet Tour Through Revelation.” Now, the book of Revelation is difficult for many people . . . so difficult that many often abandon it altogether. Perhaps you’ve neglected it yourself. Well, today John’s going to show you the incredible blessing that comes from studying Revelation . . . and the future riches that await every believer.

Compelled to Contend

For more than 50 years, John MacArthur’s been teaching verse-by-verse through Scripture . . . explaining the life-changing truth of God’s Word. Those years of study have led to his current series titled The New Testament, Beginning to End, a collection of some of his most compelling messages.

Friends and Foes in the Church, Part 2

Today, John continues a series of influential sermons from more than five decades of ministry. This compelling study includes one sermon from each New Testament book. It’s titled . . . The New Testament, Beginning to End.The lesson you’re about to hear from the book of 3 John is going to help you identify those who are committed to following Christ . . . and those who are enemies of the gospel.

The Primacy of Truth

Power hitters in baseball are expected to hit home runs. Politicians are supposed to demonstrate skilled, persuasive rhetoric.So, what should you be known for if you’re a Christian? John MacArthur looks at a trait that should mark your life . . . as he explains the fierce commitment every believer should have to the truth. It’s part of his current series on GRACE TO YOU . . .a collection of landmark sermons from each book of the New Testament.

True Christians Love One Another

On today’s broadcast, John MacArthur continues his series of landmark sermons from his decades of pulpit ministry titled . . . The New Testament, Beginning to End. Today’s lesson is from 1 John and focuses on the love that should characterize your life if you’re a follower of Christ. That’s today on GRACE TO YOU.

A Portrait of False Teachers, Part 2

From the brutal murder of Julius Caesar . . . to Benedict Arnold’s betrayal of West Point during the Revolutionary War . . . to Guy Fawkes’s failed attempt to assassinate King James . . . history is filled with the tales of traitorous men. Now, while you may never face a violent betrayal, you might one day have to deal with a spiritual traitor . . . perhaps even in your own church. And today on GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur, is going to help you spot those traitors—those false teachers . . . and show you how to deal with their lies.

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