Episode 1: Prologue

"Even when the King alone existed, He was never alone." How could that be possible? Did the world begin by evolution or creation? How can you get to know this King?

Episode 2: The Creator and His Creation

How do you even begin to describe the creator? What can we learn about Him and how can we learn it? What did God choose to share about Himself and His story? How long did it take the Creator to create the universe and the world we live in today? What is the origin of man?

Episode 3: Evil's Entrance

What is the "Origin of Sin"? Who was/is Lucifer? What happened to the marvelous creation God made? How did evil enter the world? Who is Satan? Who is the Devil? Are demons real?

Episode 4: Sin's Curse and God's Promise

What happened when Adam and Eve sinned? How does that affect you today? Did man's fall into sin surprise God? What is the "law of sin and death"? Why do we have pain and suffering? "Was there any hope?"

Episode 5: The Way of Sacrifice

How is it that there is sin in the world today? Who was affected by Adam's sin? What did God do to provide a way to have a relationship with Him? How can God punish sin? What is atonement?

Episode 6: Man's Rebellion & God's Faithfulness

Why did Noah build an ark? Geological and fossil records affirm the Biblical record of a global flood. What was the "Tower of Babel"? What did God do about it?

Episode 7: God's Plan Advances

Who were Abraham and Sarah? What did God ask Abraham to do? What would happen if Abraham did it? To trust and obey God is not always easy but it is always .... Why would God test Abraham?

Episode 8: The Law & the Prophets

Who was Moses? How did God help the children of Israel cross the Red Sea? What did God do when people thought they were perfect? What are the 10 commandments? Why did God give them? While animal sacrifices were unable to take away sin, they were a picture of what future sacrifice?

Episode 9: The King's Entrance

After a quick review of the Old Testament, the story continues with the New Testament. Why do we have four Gospels telling of one story? How did the promised Savior/Messiah come into the world? What is the real reason of Christmas? Who were Mary and Joseph?

Episode 10: The King's Character

What would it have been like to grow up with Jesus in your family? Who was John the Baptist? Why did John the Baptist call Jesus the lamb of God? Why did Satan temp Jesus? How did Jesus compare to Adam?

Episode 11: The King's Dominion

What are some of the miracles Jesus did? How and why did He do the miracles? What was Jesus call to whoever believed in Him? How could Jesus calm the storm on the sea just by telling it to be calm? How did Jesus heal the paralyzed man? How did Jesus raise a man up from the dead?

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