Keeping the Fire Hot at Home Pt 1

What married couples have you met or interacted with lately that displays the ingredients of a good marriage? What was it that you noticed about them? What does God want us to know? The home is a divine institution with great importance to the welfare of mankind.

Loving and Serving Others

When we look into God’s word for purpose and direction in life, we will find that He has made it very clear. Our responsibility is to discover it and then to live it out. It’s not always easy, but we can do all things through God’s grace and power in our lives.

Training and Equipping Believers

Our time on earth is to allow us to be trained and equipped for eternity. Most of the time this happens, not in dramatic or powerful experiences, but in soft words and simple nudges from the Holy Spirit. When we hear His still, small voice, whether directly or through a teacher or preacher, we must cooperate with the Holy Spirit and respond in obedience. Obedience unlocks God’s power in our lives.

Knowing, Loving, and Serving God

So what is God’s purpose for us as individuals and for us as a church? We are going to take our statement of purpose and look into what it means for each of us. My hope is that by the end of this series we will have a better understanding, a great grip and an internal motivation to be involved in pursuing or purpose as a church.

A Message for Mothers

There is not much information about Hannah, but what we do know reveals that she was a special mother. Hannah = gracious or graciousness; favor; (Ann & Anna). Hannah was one of two wives to Elkanah, a Levite. The other wife was Peninnah, who picked on and taunted Hannah because she could not have children and Hannah was favored by Elkanah. The story of Hannah is an example of how the most unpleasant circumstance can produce a blessing to the world.

Growing in Gratitude Part 3

Do you realize that if God were to withdraw His goodness and mercy for one day, one hour, one moment, we could not live. In his book, Who Really Gives Thanks? Friedrich Bolinow wrote, "There is hardly any other quality of man that is so suited to reveal the state of his inner spiritual and moral health as his capacity to be grateful."

Growing in Gratitude Part 2

It is important for us to take the time to reflect on God's blessing and give Him the thanks and praise that He rightfully deserves. Remember, He is worthy of praise regardless of our circumstances. Of the lepers in the story today, which one are you most like?

Growing in Gratitude Part 1

Satan will often try to trap us in the prison of doubt, discouragement, depression and despair. Have you found yourself an all too frequent prisoner there? How can we avoid or escape the devil's prison of D's? Today we will discover another weapon for spiritual warfare for our victory.

Displacing Your Doubts

I want to talk today about doubt, specifically about getting rid of your doubt.

Fleeing Temptation and Sin Pt 2

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