Diabetes Scams - Dr John McDougall

In a recent blog, Dr. John McDougall wrote: Big Pharma and Big Medicine have faced many huge challenges over the past years to keep their cash cows—people with type-2 diabetes—each forking over an average of $13,700 annually. This financially rewarding system works well until the blood-sugar-lowering medicines, along with the gadgets and tests they rely on, are proven to be useless and dangerous.

Angina - Dr James Marcum

Sometimes, dangerous health conditions let you know that they exist only under certain circumstances. You think you’re fine. Then you do a particular action and, whoa, that doesn’t feel right. Dr. James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, discusses just such a condition.

Lasting Love - Chuck Crismier

In our throw-away society, it’s easy to conclude that nothing lasts, especially love and marriage. Trial attorney and author Charles Crismier wants us to make an exception to that rule. His book, “Lasting Love: Enduring Secrets for Marital Success” helps readers make the right choices and create the best environment for healthy relationships.

China Revisited - Dr T Colin Campbell

Many health promoters—as well as countless people who were once sick, overweight, and fighting life-threatening conditions—can trace their motivation and recovery to a single book. Over a decade ago, “The China Study” profoundly shook the medical profession. Its author, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, shares what readers will find in the newly released revised and expanded edition.

Heart and Soul - Jennifer Hewson

Jennifer Hewson is an adult nurse practitioner specializing in heart failure. But, what sets her apart is that she comes at patients with a keen interest, not only in their hearts, but also their souls.

Blood Work - Dr James Marcum

We’re always happy when we hear our doctor say, “Your blood work looks great!” What does that mean? How does blood work…work? Cardiologist James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, explains.

One Face - Sarah McDugal

Many of us hide behind not one but many masks. The results can be destructive in both the corporate and personal arenas. Strategist and leadership speaker Sarah McDugal weighs in on how to live with just one face and succeed on every level.

Eating You Alive - Jacobs & Kennamer

The new documentary film “Eating You Alive” is making waves in the health promotion field. Producers Merrilee Jacobs and Paul Kennamer reveal its roots and growing impact.

Catching Obesity - Dr Michael Greger

Health-destroying sales receipts, cholesterol in children, Type 1 diabetes, and obesity-fighting dogs are the subjects of this discussion with Dr. Michael Greger, author of “How Not to Die.”

Staying Independent - Dr James Marcum

We’re independent creatures by nature. Most of us like to take care of ourselves and not be a bother to anyone—especially our family. Cardiologist James Marcum shares how we can remain on our own for a long as possible.

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