I Am the Light of the World

Are you confused about Jesus and who He is? They were 2,000 years ago, and even today, some people don't understand who Jesus is. Pastor Isaac Mooneyham shows from scripture who Jesus is in this sermon preached at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Go and Sin No More

Why did angry, accusing people quietly and slowly withdraw from the mob scene? What is Jesus' view of sin? How does Pastor Isaac Mooneyham handle this delicate passage of scripture from John 8?

No One Ever Spoke Like This Man

How is it that different people who heard Jesus had different ideas as to who He was? What is the power of Christ? Pastor Isaac Mooneyham delves into the division in this sermon delivered in Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Rivers of Living Water

As if "eating his flesh" wasn't hard enough, why did Jesus have to say . . .?

Judging Jesus

How often have you thought you knew what was going on, but were wrong? What did Jesus do because of people wrongly judging Him? Pastor Isaac Mooneyham continues the study of John in this sermon preached at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

To Whom Would We Go?

Why would Jesus say people should eat his flesh? Preston Pierce answers this question in this sermon preaches at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Hard things to Accept

Why did John include some hard statements from Jesus?

Communion Sunday

What is the Christian practice of having "Communion"? What does it mean? Why does it happen?

And They Will All Be Taught by God

What are we supposed to do with the hard things Jesus said? Why did the people grumble about Jesus? Pastor Isaac Mooneyham, of Wake Chapel Christian Church, asnwers these questions and more in today's study.

True Bread from Heaven

How could people be miraculously fed by Jesus, then walk away choosing to not follow Him? Pastor Isaac Mooneyham explains what took place in this study of John 6.

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