A Personal Peace Plan

How can you obtain true peace (internal, external, and eternal)? It begins and ends with Jesus Christ, God's Son.

If Christ Had Saved Himself

How can others be saved? Only by losing ourselves, since saving others is costly.

Things That Truly Matter

The Word of God searches the past, reflects the present, and shines upon the future.

Removing Stubborn Nails

The sensitive dependency of a little child illustrates how we should behave toward others.

Do you Want to Receive More From God?

How satisfied are you with what you have received from God? How can we receive more from God? Pastor Nate shares how in this sermon from Landmark Church in Cary NC.

Jesus The Hope Of The Ages

What brings comfort to all ages, in all ages?

The Unchanging Landmarks

In order to experience Holy Spirit conviction, the landmarks must not be removed.

There Is Bread In The House

What drew the world, then and now, to Bethlehem?

Conquering Conflicts

What are the essentials for overcoming conflicts and reducing stress?

The Coming of Grace and Truth

How can we obtain the grace and truth of our Savior?

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