Who can meet the challenge of our times/ Only fully surrendered Christians!

Calling Christians to Endure

How can a believer endure? Get into God's Word to get the answer.

The Ten Virgins

Are you ready to meet Christ? It is more than external religion.

The Steps Toward Perfection

Surrender to Christ is costly, but the gain outweighs any loss.

When Prayers Are Answered Again

What hinders God's working? Sin in the heart of a Christian.

Overcoming The Traps

To overcome all attacks, rely on the wisdom and strength God provides.

Hearts On Fire

How to receive great blessing? Take hold of our God in prayer.

The Duty of Rejoicing

Where is true Joy? In the midst of suffering for Jesus Christ.

Is There Not A Cause?

What does it take for you to accomplish God's purpose in your life and fully follow His will?

A New Life That Flows

The fullness of God's Spirit to the believer is a gift, flowing in a new direction.

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