Why We Need Gods Word

How can I stand against temptation and prevent sexual impurity? By letting God's Word fortify your heart.

The Hearing Revival

When will God send revival? When we obey His will as revealed in His Word.

The Master Of Life Is Here

When you fail and sin, suffer, and experience separation, even death, Jesus is here!

Go For The Gold

The believer, like the Olympian, is given disciplines by which they can win the gold.


Who can meet the challenge of our times/ Only fully surrendered Christians!

One Mission One Result

Are you a true witness to the saving power of Jesus Christ?

Calling Christians to Endure

How can a believer endure? Get into God's Word to get the answer.

Jesus at the Center

Is Christ at the center of your life and home, delivering you?

The Ten Virgins

Are you ready to meet Christ? It is more than external religion.

The Sound Of Revival

Are you hearing the sound of revival?

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