Experiencing the Living God In Worship

How did it affect Isaiah when he saw God? What does love do in regards to holiness? These questions and more are dealt with in this sermon delivered by Nate Ange at Landmark Baptist Church.

The Exceeding Good News

How is it that while there are more than 7 billion people on the planet, more people than ever are lonely? Pastor Nate Ange addresses this and more in this sermon delivered at Landmark Baptist Church.

Experiencing the Living God in Worship

How is your worship life? How do you worship? Who or what do you worship? Pastor Nate Ange delves into this topic in this sermon preached at Landmark Baptist Church.

Christ's Children

The command for children to honor their parents is given for great reward.

The Blessings Beyond This Life

You can only accept God's viewpoint by faith.

Faithful in the Family

How can you train your children for Christ?

What God Does With Ruined Things

God specializes in redeeming ruined lives for His Glory.

Christ Jesus Glorified In The Family

What are the pictures of the family in Christ and His Church?

Experiencing the Living God in Worship

How is true spiritual worship demonstrated?

Worship Involves Witness

How does the Holy Spirit prompt spiritual sacrifices in our hearts?

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