Pulling Souls From The Fire

What is the believer's calling? To rescue souls from Hell.

Marriage: The Divine Portrait

What is the purpose of Christian marriage? To proclaim Christ and His love.

No Place Like Home

What is the blueprint for building a home? The Bible!

Jesus My First Love

Jesus proved He is the Friend of sinners, by His suffering on the Cross.

Building Through Prayer

What is a life for Christ that lasts? One that includes both building and praying.

The House of Prayer

What is God's House for? It is for worship of the Lord, not the whims of the flesh.

The Gifts Of Christmas

What are the gifts that are offered to Jesus in true worship?

Living The Grace Life

What are the benefits of living the Christian life in God's grace?

Glorifying God And Giving Thanks

Are you a thankful person? Thanksgiving is expressed in a day-by-day life of faithfulness.

The Abundant Life of Thanksgiving

How can I experience contentment, joy, and peace? By being thankful to God in every situation.

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