Hearts On Fire

How to receive great blessing? Take hold of our God in prayer.

The Duty of Rejoicing

Where is true Joy? In the midst of suffering for Jesus Christ.

Is There Not A Cause?

What does it take for you to accomplish God's purpose in your life and fully follow His will?

A New Life That Flows

The fullness of God's Spirit to the believer is a gift, flowing in a new direction.

Raising Godly Children

How can you raise godly children in a godless society?

A Life Serving Jesus

Why should a bond servant to Jesus gladly meet the conditions of service?

Keeping the Heart Right

Why must every Christian take their service to Jesus Christ seriously?

When Dreams Come True

There are no impossibilities with God.

Building Through Cooperation

How can you prosper in your Christian calling? Why would Pastor Ange say that "You must cooperate with Christ and His Church."?

The Church Joining Hands

Why shouldn't you work for the Lord unless you first get the Life of Heaven to fill you?

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