North Africa - Suffering for Truth is Beautiful

“That day I was saved,” Shakir said, “I was free, and I was really happy and filled with the Holy Spirit.” Friends and family tried to convince him to renounce his faith. The most difficult pressure came from Shakir’s own mother. Shakir remembers her demanding, “Me or Christ. You have to choose.” Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews him on this epis…read more

Malaysia - God Was Preparing Pastor Before His Abduction

Pastor Raymond Koh was forcibly abducted on February 13th, 2017 in a military-style operation that took less than 40 seconds. Almost seven years later, he’s still missing. His car has never been located. Listen this week to an interview with Susanna Koh, Pastor Raymond's wife, recorded two years after his abduction.

Nigeria - Martyrs' Widows Are Women of Honor

Susi Childers has served with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for more than two decades, using her photography skills to open doors to communicate the love of Christ to people all over the world.Susi will also share highlights from a recent trip to Nigeria, where she ministered to widows of Christians killed in northern Nigeria by Boko Haram or by Islamist militants from within the Fulani tribe. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews Susi on this episode of VOM Radio.

North Africa Pastor - Persecution Is Part of Christian Journey

Pastor Joe shares the struggles many new Christians in North Africa face when they believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Yet, people in the region are coming to Christ like never before! Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews him on this episode of VOM Radio.

Martyr's Widow - God Can Use ANYTHING For His Glory

Jane remembers the day her husband was killed, and how she prayed immediately afterwards. “God used His grace to sustain me through that time,” she says. “He really brought me through those initial days." Jane says her husband enjoyed living in the Middle East, immersing himself in the culture and, most importantly, living his dream of witnessing to people who’d never heard about Jesus. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews her on this episode of VOM Radio.

North Africa - Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

After working among Muslims for more than two decades, Bob says Christians who love and listen are more effective in sharing the gospel than those who criticize Islam or start a religious debate. He points to the model of Jesus’ interaction with the woman at the well. Listen to Todd Nettleton interview Bob on this episode of VOM Radio.

Pakistan - Strong Faith Amidst the Ashes

When a radical-Muslim mob of 6,000 attacked the Christian colony of Jaranwala in August, Christians could only flee. Some hid in sugarcane fields; others fled the area. The attack lasted the whole day; churches were destroyed and persecuted Christians’ homes were looted and burned. Listen as Brother Johanna shares more about what happened on this episode of VOM Radio.

South Asia - Lord, Build Your Church Here

Ben and Kimberly, gospel workers in South Asia, have shared their testimonies and how they came to be in ministry overseas. In this episode, they will share a story of how God opened one of the darkest villages in this region—a place that had been completely closed to the gospel. Listen Todd Nettleton as he interviews them sharing how God planted a church in that village—on the very spot where Christians had prayed God would build His church.

South Asia - I Shouldn't Be Alive. I Shouldn't Be Free.

Ben and Kimberly are gospel workers in South Asia, involved in outreach, pastor training and discipleship of new believers. Listen as they share their testimonies, including how Ben rebelled against the Lord, got involved in drugs, eventually facing 35 felony charges and landing in prison. Yet, in prison, he gave his life to the Lord and miraculously the Lord allowed him to be released. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews them on this episode of VOM Radio.

Missions - Jesus is Already There

Listen as Cynthia Anderson, longtime gospel worker and trainer, shares what it truly looks like to make disciples and train others to continue making disciples, launching Disciple Making Movements (DMM). Her new book, The Multiplier’s Mindset: Thinking Differently About Discipleship, examines the mindset shifts that need to take place in order for multiplication of the gospel to happen. Join Todd Nettleton as he interviews her on this episode of VOM Radio.

Iran - No Longer an Islamic Nation

The nation is called The Islamic Republic of Iran, but a recent study shows less than a third of Iranians still believe in Islam! Iranians are looking elsewhere to find answers to their spiritual questions. Dr. Hormoz Shariat tells us why, sharing from his own experiences ministering to people in Iran, evangelizing and answering their questions. “More and more I see people of Iran say, ‘To have a future for Iran, we have to get rid of Islam,’” Hormoz says. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews him on this episode of VOM Radio.

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