Forced to Leave Myanmar, Gospel Workers say, "The Lord has Not Released Us From this Place"

Last week Luke and Kate, medical gospel workers who’ve served in Myanmar, shared how God called them to Myanmar to share the hope of Christ. Listen as they talk about wrestling with what God’s will is, and how they have walked through this disappointment and displacement from Myanmar alongside their children. They’ll also offer advice for others fe…read more

This is Where I Want You, Husband and Wife Medical Team Hears God's Call to Gospel Service in Myanmar

Kate and Luke both felt it clearly: “This is it. This is home. This is where I want you.” God put a deep love for the local people in their hearts. Their calling was confirmed when a village elder asked them to stay and serve with their medical skills. That clear sense of God’s calling would prove vital in helping them stand firm in serving through challenges, Christian persecution and even the 2021 coup. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews them on this episode of VOM Radio.

Kidnapped by Terrorists, Interrogated by Police, Church Worker says, God Was With Me

Kidnapped by terrorists, held at knife point with a hood over his head, Job believed he would soon be killed. He was at peace with losing his own life, but was concerned about his wife and young children who would be left behind. Who would care for them? Listen to Brother Job recount his kidnapping and the lessons God taught him through his first-hand Christian persecution experience on this episode of VOM Radio.

Missions Starts with Encountering God

There are 500,000 evangelical churches in Latin America, but only 6% of Latino congregations are involved in missions. As executive director of COMHINA, and in his previous work with Operation Mobilization Latin America, Brother Julio wants to increase that percentage! He desires to bring about collaboration between churches and missionary organizations to equip and send out Latino missionaries. Listen to Todd Nettleton interview Julio on this episode of VOM Radio.

Central Asia - Muslims Ready for Truth

Brother Silas and Tom Houser, executive director for People International, share this week what new Christians in Central Asian nations—including Muslim background believers—experience when they become followers of Jesus. “The moment you make that decision,” says Silas, “you will be oppressed on every side.” Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews them on this episode of VOM Radio.

Middle East - Christians Intentional About Sharing Jesus

Many Muslims are ready to hear the gospel and experience the love of Jesus Christ. For more than two decades Peter Smith has prayed for the nation of Iran and connected with ministries reaching people and supporting persecuted Christians in the nation he and his wife “adopted.” Seeing the gospel go forth in the Middle East reminds Peter of the good soil that produced 30, 60 and 100-fold harvests in Jesus’ Matthew 13 parable. Listen as Todd Nettleton interview Peter on this episode of VOM Radio.

China Missions - Your Ministry is Over

Last week Kevin shared about the passion God gave him to reach the 13 million Hui people in China. Kevin shares how his family’s ministry in China ended and how tension grew during their final weeks in country as authorities searched for legal reasons to detain or deport Kevin and his family, including a late-night drive to the airport. Listen as Todd Nettleton interview Kevin on this episode of VOM Radio.

China Missions - That's When We Felt the Call

It was on that first visit to China that Kevin was asked a question which would change his life and guide his mission efforts going forward: “Have you heard of the Hui people?” Kevin and his wife had not heard of the Hui, and they began to ask questions about this mostly Muslim unreached people group of 13 million people. "That’s when we felt the call.” Kevin says. Listen as Todd Nettleton interview Kevin on this episode of VOM Radio.

South Asia - Children are Included in the Great Commission

“For us, it’s not AWANA, it’s ‘Can we disciple one more child?’” In most AWANA groups in South Asia, 20 to 25% of the children come from non-Christian homes, including Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. Some parents restrict their children from coming after they learn that Bible stories are being shared, while others accept the care and blessing their child receives even though it is coming from Christians. Gajendra will help us understand and pray for the training process to equip more leaders and ultimately to tell more children about Jesus.

Cuba - Pastors Willing to Pay a Price

The Cuban government attempts to restrain the gospel in many ways. Yet despite persecution, the church in Cuba is growing—stretching beyond buildings and homes and gathering on the streets and in open fields to pray and worship and share the gospel. Listen as Pastor Mateo shares the many restrictions Cuba’s communist leaders enforce on pastors, church buildings, ministry efforts and families.

Hostage's Wife - Look for the Promises of God and Pray

The last two weeks we’ve shared the story of Jeffery Woodke, American gospel worker in West Africa captured by Islamists and held hostage for more than six years. Now, Jeff’s wife, Els, shares her side of the story of waiting and wondering and praying through that long ordeal—and how God helped her never to hate Jeff’s captors. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews Els on this episode of VOM Radio.

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