Hope for Direction in Life

How do we know which way is forward?

Investing Time Brings Hope

One morning recently I was thinking and asking The Lord how he would respond to having His “private time” interrupted?

Hope in the Midst of Worry

What can I do instead of worry?

Hope from Losing Control

So who is in the driver's seat of your life?

Hope Through Environments of Grace

A friend of mine rang my cell phone with this statement. “I’ve been asking God to touch a friend to have a heart that is warming toward a relationship with Jesus.” My friend related at least...

Hope from Having a World Vision

Several years ago I returned from a trip to Cuba. This promise to Jesus from God the Father is coming true in Cuba today! How?

Hope in Our Personal Calling from God

Who is it that God calls?

Hope Through Wisdom

I have a friend of over 25 years. He doesn’t have a lot of money but he is the richest ...


Am I willing to change the course of my life based upon what God seems to be speaking to me?

Hope in Taking Risk

What is it that opens opportunity and keeps us fresh spiritually?

Hope Through Authenticity

How honest are you when people ask how you am doing?

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