Hope from Struggling with Burdens

What is the one thing that if solved would bring energy back to your soul?

Hope Drives Everything

Most notable accomplishments have come from people who see a future and...

Hope for a New Year

Last year as the New Year dawned, I caught myself, instead of being encouraged, being a bit discouraged about starting a new year. So I ...

Hope From God's Gift

The other day I was staring at my computer screen, contemplating buying several gifts via the Internet. I realized how depersonalized our culture has become. How does that relate to Jesus?

Hope Through Character

Character is a big topic, particularly in relation to leaders and leadership. Recently I heard a talk that leaders who bring Hope exhibit three things: ...

Hope Through Loneliness

How can you cope with feelings of loneliness?

Hope Through Fellow Believers

“Is it really necessary to spend time with others who love Jesus?”

Being Future Centered

How do we move from the past to the future?

Hope Through Separation from God

Satan's whole strategy is to...

Hope by Moving Forward

More than 20 years ago a mentor of mine used to say, “...life.” Over the years, I’ve learned the wisdom of that statement. What was it he said that was so wise?

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