Hope Through Giving Your Life to Others

Last week I was having lunch with someone who has been struggling with depression. How in the world can a person with deep depression have Hope in life? Let me suggest ...

Hope in Impossible Situations (Gideon Story)

How can someone, insignificant to most people bring Hope to an impossible situation?

Hope Through Separation from God

Satan's whole strategy is to...

Hope Through 404 Not Found

Do you ever feel like you have no value, like you don't exist? Well, God has something to say about that.


How can I invest my life so it pays eternal dividends?

Hope for Students

Frankly, I see Hope for the future because of the generation now on college campuses.

Hope from Seeing God's Work

An observation…one person can make a difference! I met a lady who ...

Hope Through a Transparent Life

Ever wonder how God will lead you as the future materializes?

Hope for the Future

God is constantly involved in raising up new generations of women and men who will be more and more transformed into Christ’s image and engaged with others.


Jesus came to resolve the ultimate conflict between humans and...

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