Hope from Losing Control

So who is in the driver's seat of your life?

Hope from Observing Others with Hope

Do you have someone who sees the good while others only see the bad?

A Life without Hope in this Life

How could she rejoice at a time of despair?

Hope from the Selection of a Leader

What happened when 5 people committed themselves to pray?

Hope from a Life Calling

How large is your calling?

Hope from Struggling with Burdens

What is the one thing that if solved would bring energy back to your soul?

Hope from Stories

People love a good story, especially from the "Story Teller".

Hope from Believing in Prayer

A group of folks got together every Friday morning for 20 years near a college campus to ask God to bring people into relationship with Him and that students would go to every part of the world in Jesus’ name. What happened?

Giving Brings Hope

What are we to think of those Christians who ask us for resources for Kingdom work?

Giving Hope by Sharing Our Lives

June and I made it a point to be “real” with people…to share our true selves with folks. So, what was a result?

Giving Sounds Good

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