Am I willing to change the course of my life based upon what God seems to be speaking to me?

Hope in Taking Risk

What is it that opens opportunity and keeps us fresh spiritually?

Hope Through the Next Generation

Why would God be interested in our children?

Hope When We Feel Dried Up from Pressures of Life

"you could see his “Hope Meter” beginning to move off the peg." Why?

Hope through a Life Lived Well

She raised six children while her husband would travel in ministry for months at a time. Four sons and daughters hold PhD’s and all are now adults making valuable contributions to society. But the BIG takeaway from her life was...

Hope Through Reflecting On The Past

Ever sat down with a notebook and reflected on what Jesus has done for you in the last 12 months? As I wrote, I felt ...

Investing Time Brings Hope

One morning recently I was thinking and asking The Lord how he would respond to having His “private time” interrupted?

Hope in the Midst of Worry

What can I do instead of worry?

Hope from Losing Control

So who is in the driver's seat of your life?

Hope From Our Birthday

I approached this year’s birthday with unrest! I sensed a gap between expectations and the reality of experience—personally and spiritually. One Saturday morning I lis...

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