Taking Marriage Up a Tree

An orchid is a beautiful plant that produces a bloom that is rivaled by few. Yet, they are known for being healthy one day and dead the next. In reality, they just appeared healthy while all the while below the surface the roots were rotting and the plant was being cut off from the life-sustaining water and food it needs. So it can be with marriage. If we just look at appearances between a husband and a wife, we might be deluded into believing that all is well, when in fact the roots of the marriage that should be dug deep into Christ - the only sustainer of life and love.

Depositing Your Life in the Bank of Heaven

There's great joy when something is made just for you--a tailor-made suit, a build-your-own sundae, or a custom home. The designed outcome is perfect for you. Did you know that your suffering and trials in this life are also custom-made just for you by God? They are designed to deepen your faith and teach you to fully entrust your life to our Creator God.

Cleaning House

As we prepare for the end of this age and Jesus' return, it's all about attitude. Instead of seeking control amid growing chaos, we must choose surrender to the Lord's plan. Instead of merely resting in our salvation and future glory, we must pity unbelievers for the eternal wrath awaiting them.

Wearing the Brand Name Well

Jesus was mocked and scorned His whole life. And His followers have been persecuted ever since. As His return draws nearer, the hatred for Christians will continue to grow. How can we stand strong in our faith and glorify God, even when we suffer for Christ's sake?

The Firestorms Are Coming

In his letter, Peter tells us to not only expect trials in life, but to celebrate them! Thankfully, he also describes for us how this is possible for the believer, and he encourages us to use our inevitable suffering to become more like Jesus.

A Thousand Unseen Gifts

Behind every great event are countless individuals that have worked, often without accolades, to make it happen. The Church is no different, filled with God-empowered Christians serving each other's needs in support of a single grand purpose: to glorify God!

Giving Away Your Gifts

God has given every believer special gifts. But they're not ours—they belong to Him. And as each day brings us closer to the return of Christ, Peter encourages us to prepare by identifying our gifts and then sharing them for God's glory.

Five Practices for End-Times Preppers

We are living in the last days. And, as believers, we are called to prepare as the end draws near. But the Biblical instruction for readiness contradicts worldly expectations, challenging us to stay focused on others.

Prepping for the End of the World

To believers, "the end is near" means something very different than to the rest of humanity. While the world fears inevitable catastrophe, Christians are anticipating the return of Jesus Christ and our eternal future with Him.

God is Agape, Part 2

Love isn't just something God does; it's something He is. And in this message, Stephen explains why that is eternally significant for us as believers.

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