More Than a Motto

The Apostle James takes us beyond the veil of the demonic world to reveal that belief in Christ and believing in Christ are very different things. Join Stephen in this message to discover the difference.

Show and Tell, Part 2

Here's James chapter 2 in a nutshell: faith without works is a faith that doesn't work.

Show and Tell, Part 1

Here's James chapter 2 in a nutshell: faith without works is a faith that doesn't work.

Sodom & Gomorrah--Act 2

Homosexuality used to be a sin that was only practiced outside the walls of the Church. Today, the homosexual lifestyle is condoned, and homosexuals are even ordained as ministers. But in this lesson from Judges 19-21, Stephen challenges us to forsake the growing voices of culture and go back to God's Word for the answer to what is right and wrong.

Home-Made Gods

The nation of Israel is adrift spiritually and morally. No more judges will appear on the scene to fight or pray or preach. It is no surprise that this book closes with tragic tales of disobedience, superstition, immorality, theft, murder, and eventually Israelite fighting against Israelite. What is the root problem? The same problem we're experiencing today: everyone does what is right in his his own eyes.

O Be Careful Little Eyes

When Samson can no longer see physically, he finally sees spiritually. When everything else is stripped away, he finally understands what really matters. What will God have to take away from you in order to let you finally see Him?

The Man Who Had it Made

In this message Stephen takes us through the journey of Samson's life to warn us that spiritual potential doesn't always lead to spiritual success. It's not what you have that defines you . . . It's what you do with what you have.

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die

Has it ever occurred to you that what you believe determines how you behave? What you believe about God affects everything about you. The decisions you make as well as your attitude in life are impacted by your beliefs. They can be glorious or tragic, as we will discover in the life of Jephthah.

Unbelievable Grace

The unbelievable grace of God does not care about heredity. It is not limited by the social, parental, and environmental factors that men consider determinative. If God can use a man like Jephthah . . . and can use you and I as well!

Hooray for the Housewife

Do you know why God has given us armor to fight with? Because He wants believers to fight! God wants to teach us how to wage spiritual warfare! There is a fundamental principle in this; a timeless truth: God is more interested in developing His people than in displaying His power.

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