To See or Not to See

The blind man in John 8 suffered 38 years before God gave him sight. Why? Was he being punished for something his parents did or for something he did? That's the question people were asking back in Jesus' day and Jesus' answer to them is profound. Let's listen now as Stephen delivers it to us.

I Flunked Faith 101

Do you feel like you always fail spiritual tests? This message will help you pass the next one.

Crisis Faith . . . Confident Faith

We seem to be living in an era of great faith. We hear about it from sports figures, celebrities, politicians and talk show hosts. Everyone wants to talk about their faith. But what kind of faith are they talking about? And faith in WHAT? The answer might surprise you.

A Wedding Sketch

Miracles, signs, and wonders were part and parcel of Christ's Messianic ministry on earth. But what was their ultimate purpose? In this message Stephen takes us back to Jesus' very first miracle at the Wedding Feast of Cana to show us how, when and why it all began.

Divine Delays

Sovereignty' is a word we need to put into our vocabulary, because it refers to someone who has total control. In Mark chapter 5 the disciples learn that Jesus Christ is sovereign. He doesn't just have power to sway masses of people or perform little miracles here and there. He commands nature and nature obeys. He is God in the flesh!

When Pigs Are Preferred

Demons do all they can to keep people from following Christ. They hate God. They are in constant war with him. But in Mark 5 we discover in remarkable fashion that demons are all talk. When standing face to face with Christ even the Devil cowers.

Human Impossibility + Urgency = A Divine Miracle

Few things strike more terror into the heart of a student than the announcement of a pop quiz! That's exactly what Jesus gives His disciples in Mark 4:35-41. He tests their faith by putting them in a boat in the middle of a raging storm . . . and they fail miserably! But in the process they learn something about Jesus that will literally revolutionaize their lives. It can revolutionize yours too!

Failure . . . In the Final Lap

Faithfulness in the past doesn't always guarantee faithfulness in the future. Gideon started out as a model leader, but he soon became a victim of his own popularity and prosperity. What happened to make him stumble? What caused this once godly man to fall? His story is a warning to all of us today.

Shooting at the Saints

The 21st century Christian has more access to other believers than ever before. The internet, telephone, and quick transportation lend themselves as tools for unity. But the Church still isn't as unified as it should be. Greater opportunity for communication has only given us greater opportunity for bickering and fighting. In Judges 7-8 Gideon teaches us how to say no to disunity.

No Room for Heroes

When we think of men who accomplished mighty things for God, we might think of David killing Goliath or Abraham offering his son Isaac or Paul facing constant persecution. But as Stephen points out in this message, the little things count to God as well. God might not call us to kill a giant or offer our child as a sacrifice, but He has called us to obey His Word daily. And that, in His eyes, is a mighty deed!

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