MNN 21 October 2020

China Aid’s Bob Fu receives death threats | Bibles translation work in Nigeria suffers from terrorism, the pandemic, and economic collapse | World Concern introduces sustainable solutions

MNN 20 October 2020

Ensuring safety for Iraq’s minorities: a complicated process | Armenia and Azerbaijan break another truce | Suicides rising among women in Tajikistan

MNN 19 October 2020

Yazidi homecoming could follow Iraq’s October 9 agreement with Kurds | Horizons International to build Lebanese farm after Beirut explosion | Barna suggests connection between pandemic and Christian’s spiritual wellbeing

MNN 16 October 2020

Civilians flee the fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan | Two ways to help persecuted Christians in China | IMM reminds us Church history offers both lessons and encouragement

MNN 15 October 2020

Afghanistan peace talks questionable following Taliban attacks | AMG International works to stop slavery before it happens | Renewed airline route means greater missions access for northern Haiti

MNN 14 October 2020

Pressure rising in Burkina Faso, USCIRF warns | TWR encourages Western Christians to think globally | PTEE continues theological training despite pandemic

MNN 13 October 2020

Pakistani Christian acquitted of blasphemy charges after 7 years in prison | How God uses the COVID-19 pandemic for good | A volunteer helps Mission Cry collect used Bibles

MNN 12 October 2020

New Russian law would restrict pastors trained abroad | Heart4Iran, ICM team up to train new believers in Iran | Sammy Tippit Ministries plans for Christmas livestream event

MNN 09 October 2020

FCRA amendments problematic for Gospel workers | Greece to move more refugees to mainland after Moria fire | Al Shabaab teachers out of northern Kenya

MNN 08 October 2020

Many Lebanese are leaving Beirut after explosion | President Xi's religious purge meets little global resistance | Online Gospel ministry in Myanmar producing new believers

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