MNN 15 February 2021

Food security becomes key 2021 issue as prices soar | Lebanon’s lockdown means more suffering for refugees | Orality Coaching partnerships expand global ministry reach

MNN 12 February 2021

Needs in host countries highest since Syrian refugee crisis began | U.S. restores diplomatic relations with Palestine | Radio links TWR ministry with persecuted listeners

MNN 11 February 2021

Over 200 people missing after Himalayan glacier avalanche causes flooding | Turkey: Hearing today for pastor facing deportation | Wycliffe Associates completes record number of Bible translations in 2020

MNN 10 February 2021

Extremists plan to build a school in Armenian/Azerbaijani war zone | Despite anti-conversion laws, Nepalese Church stays strong | COVID-19 or UPGs: which weighs heavier on your heart?

MNN 09 February 2021

Christians navigate ministry in Myanmar after coup | Scripture yields results in North Korea | Digital ministry event reaches millions globally

MNN 08 February 2021

PTEE cares for Syrian Christians as conflict drags on | Cyclone Eloise kills 11 in Mozambique | Keys for Kids Radio: where faith meets fun

MNN 05 February 2021

Thousands displaced as Darfur violence surges | FMI sends team into dangerous area of Kenya | New grants and training for Christian Pakistani entrepreneurs

MNN 04 February 2021

The USCIRF condemns Myanmar coup | Days of unrest follow latest Lebanon lockdown | World Missionary Press sends literature to persecuted Nigerian Church

MNN 03 February 2021

Indian farmers protest new agriculture laws | Pakistani Christians enslaved in labor camps to pay debts | FMI translating 50 Bible stories for Pakistani “frontier” peoples

MNN 02 February 2021

The military stages a coup in Myanmar | Syria flooding devastates refugees, believers deliver help and hope | Wycliffe USA explains how you can engage with the call to serve the nations

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