MNN 11 February 2020

Christians in Pakistan made to pay blood money before release | Scripture booklet for Wolof Muslims almost finished | New VBS program takes kids to the skies

MNN 10 February 2020

RSS creates spy network to monitor India’s Christians | Despite movement towards religious freedom, Sudanese Christians still face persecution | E3 Partners offers new mission trips

MNN 07 February 2020

Pakistan: Five years, 40 people, one verdict | Keys for Nepalese kids | How to reach Deaf Muslims for Christ

MNN 06 February 2020

Iranian tensions boil; here’s what to pray for | Not deterred by coronavirus | Refugee students find hope through “Schools That Heal”

MNN 05 February 2020

A tale of two plagues | Puerto Rico quakes continue; Keys for Kids sends hope, encouragement | Reaching Native students with the Gospel

MNN 04 February 2020

Iraq elects new Prime Minister amidst ongoing protests | Returning to Syria: A rising trend for refugees in Lebanon. | Rohingya Christians dealing with aftermath of attack | Reaching Native Students with the Gospel

MNN 03 February 2020

Christians bring hope into coronavirus panic | Iranian women search for freedom by removing the headscarf | “Mobilized to be on mission”; EveryCampus aims to reach every college in America with the Gospel

MNN 30 January 2020

Persecution and ministry in Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon headline the news today on Mission Network News. Christians aren't the only missionaries.

MNN 29 January 2020

Demonstrations continue in India. Why? Anti-religious pressure grows in China. Hear more in this edition of Mission Network News.

MNN 28 January 2020

Coronavirus sweeps across China | Church closures continue in Algeria; here’s why it matters | Kenyan Christian teachers killed; Al-Shabab suspected

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