Able to Teach, Not Pugnacious

Is it possible that every man in a church can learn to teach and should learn to teach? I thought that was a spiritual gift? Listen today and learn how this can become a reality in your life and a vital area of character growth.

Spiritually Experienced, Loving Good, Devout, Self-Controlled

Paul says that a man of character will be a man of self-control. Think of it – God himself comes to live in us and works on our “out-of-control” character to shape it to an in-control character. But how does God do that?

Respectable, Not Addicted, Not Loving Money

How can we be men who are above reproach in the private areas of life? Today we will learn about addictions, loving money, and ordering our private world in such a way that God is glorified in our behavior when no one else is watching.

Temperate, Prudent

What kind of person are you in your private moments? What kind of person are you when no one is looking? Is it possible that we can be the same kind of person on the inside as well as the outside, in our private life as well as our public life?

Using Our Home for Ministry

Surprises await us as we open our homes for ministry. Hebrews 13:2 tells us, “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Listen closely as I share today how men are to take the lead in being hospitable.

Managing our Homes Well

Men, today I want to talk with you about managing your home well. When you get a handle on this, you will take a big step in becoming a man who is above reproach.

A One Woman Man

Being a one-woman man means more than overcoming sexual temptation. It means that we are devoted to that one woman. It means that we cherish her, honor her, and build her up.

Managing the Life God Has Given

There is a price to pay for following Christ. It’s much easier to set our sights lower and slide through life without being noticed or held accountable. But I ask, “Is that what we really want?” I think, down deep, we all want more.

The Call to Character

When someone speaks about becoming like Jesus Christ, does that seem out of reach even though God himself expects this for you? If it does, perhaps it is because the word “Christ like” is too vague a term. Today, let’s learn what it means to be like Jesus.

Every Man's Greatest Mission

Handsome, intelligent, and strong, Peter the Great was gifted to lead, but he was also cruel and a tyrant. Personal difficulties led him to lament in his last days, “I have conquered an empire, but I have not been able to conquer myself.”

Final Words to Faithful People

Paul was not a library theologian. He was not a man who spent his years only reading books. But he was a man who was involved in the heat of the battle.

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