The Humility of Christmas Pt 1

After centuries of church history, apocryphal writings, and questionable theology about Mary, we need to get back to the simplicity of who Mary was. Sometimes I like to call her ordinary Mary.

Who Was That Baby in the Manger Pt 5

That baby in the manger was the most glorious and perfect expression of God. He was God, and he was the most beloved person in the universe and before the universe.

Who Was That Baby in the Manger Pt 4

The greatness of Jesus is not that the lowly Baby in the manger was exalted. It is not that he went form a place of lowness to highness. No, the greatness of Jesus is that he went from a place of highness to lowness!

Who Was That Baby in the Manger Pt 3

“The palace, the forum, and the inn had no room for Christ. Have you room for him?

Who Was That Baby in the Manger Pt 2

How heavy is your burden? The One who is the eternal Word of God, the One who was with God, the One who was and is God, the Almighty, can carry that burden for you if you will give it to Him.

Who Was That Baby in the Manger Pt 1

He was full of grace in that He came to sinful people. He didn’t come just for the wise or the strong or the elite. He came for everyone – even those who thought their lives had been wrecked beyond repair.

The Promises of Christmas Pt 3

Some of you may look at your life and think, “What a mess.” And you know what? It probably is! But I have good news for you. God has made promises.

The Promises of Christmas Pt 2

There are many dark, tragic places in this world – stories we hear that frighten us, news reports of troubled places. Many ask, “Where is God in the midst of the suffering?” And the answer is, “he is right there.”

The Gifts of the King 2

We should not be indifferent toward our gifts. Can you imagine giving a gift to someone, someone you love, and then they just set the gift aside and don’t care for it?

Gifted Leaders 1

Do we have apostles and prophets today? The answer is “no” and “yes”. Listen to our message today and learn what I mean by this double answer

The Gifts of the King 1

A natural ability is given to us at birth. It is built into our DNA. A spiritual gift comes to us at rebirth and is from the Spirit of God and the grace of the enthroned Lord Jesus Christ.

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