The Great Reversal

Something started to shake. It was a low rumbling at first, then a great loud noise. The walls of the building began to move and the doors of the prison cells were broken off their hinges.

A Tale of Two Women

One a gracious, Jewish woman, the other was a Gentile slave-girl possessed with the spirit of the demon-god Python. You could not have a greater difference between the two and yet God used both to open the doors of Europe for the Gospel of Christ. Listen today and find out how he did it.

God's No Leads to a Greater Yes

Going into new areas with the Gospel. This was uppermost in Paul’s mind. But on this day God did the unexpected. On this day, God told Paul, “No, don’t go there to preach.” Listen, today, and you’ll find out why God said “no.:

Is it Enough

How much is enough for you? What do you want most out of life? Success? A big bank account?Fame? How much will it take to satisfy you? How much is enough? I think you know the answer.Everything in the world is not enough.

Not Quick Tempered, Just, A Good Reputation

Anger – can we ever get control of this area? Being a man of justice – can God make us this way? Can we really have a good reputation with those who do not know Christ? Can we be men who are above reproach in our relationships?

Gentle, Uncontentious, Not Self Willed

Do you think following Christ means that we become wimpy men who are a pushover? That’s not the way Christ was! Yet Scripture says that Christ was gentle, and it tells us if we are to be above reproach we are to be gentle men. Looks like we better find out what it means.

Able to Teach, Not Pugnacious

Is it possible that every man in a church can learn to teach and should learn to teach? I thought that was a spiritual gift? Listen today and learn how this can become a reality in your life and a vital area of character growth.

Spiritually Experienced, Loving Good, Devout, Self-Controlled

Paul says that a man of character will be a man of self-control. Think of it – God himself comes to live in us and works on our “out-of-control” character to shape it to an in-control character. But how does God do that?

Respectable, Not Addicted, Not Loving Money

How can we be men who are above reproach in the private areas of life? Today we will learn about addictions, loving money, and ordering our private world in such a way that God is glorified in our behavior when no one else is watching.

Temperate, Prudent

What kind of person are you in your private moments? What kind of person are you when no one is looking? Is it possible that we can be the same kind of person on the inside as well as the outside, in our private life as well as our public life?

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