The Darkness of Life Without Christ 1

Is there someone you need to be reconciled with? A family member? A friend? Have you offended this person and you need to humble yourself and ask forgiveness? Or, perhaps the other person has offended you and you are harboring bitterness in your heart? God wants to work in this situation right now.

Salvation is the Craftsmanship of God

God does not use us and squeeze the most out of us like a hard-hearted owner of slaves who tosses them aside after they are no longer useful. No, God is writing a beautiful poem through us that he wishes to read to the world so that the world will see his glory in us.

The Four Faces of Salvation

Yes, we live on a fallen planet, but God’s promise is to renew the earth. John saw a new heaven and a new earth. The paradise that was lost through Adam’s sin will be regained as we look forward to the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven.

Enthroned with Christ

What does it mean to be enthroned with Christ? What does it mean to be seated with him in heavenly places? It means that God’s attitude toward us is that he treats us as kings and queens in the making.

The Love That Made Us Alive

“You cannot sin as much as God can forgive. If it comes to a pitched battle between sin and grace, you shall not be as bad as God is good. We can only sin as a man, but God can forgive as a God.”

The Mercy of God

If there was anyone who was a candidate for the mercy of God it was my father, and he often told me, “Jonathan, no one cared for my soul.” But someone did – God cared for his soul. Today I will tell you his story.

We Lived According to the Flesh

Some may be listening who are trusting in their own righteousness before God. My prayer is that you would come to see yourself in an accurate way, as a failure before God. This is not meant to depress but to deliver you from a false security and to drive you to the one who is rich in mercy.

We Lived According to the Prince

This prince is the father of lies. This prince is the lord of deception. This prince is the ruler of the power of the air and we must defeat him!

We Lived According to the World

A giant python slowly wraps itself around you. You are mesmerized by its beauty and the touch of its skin but it slowly and surely squeezes the life out of you. And that is the way of the world for it slowly and imperceptibly squeezes us into its system so that we will obediently line up with it, do what it says, and forsake God.

The Four Faces of Death

“And you were dead in your trespasses and sins.”Can it be any bleaker? Can Paul express it with any greater clarity? We were not just sick, we were dead in our trespasses and sins.

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