If God is Good Why Does Suffering and Evil Exist 2

To create a world with love, God had to give humans the ability to love him which also meant they had the ability not to love him. Today, let’s learn more about the question of why evil and suffering exist in God’s good world.

Paul's Best was not Good Enough

Do you boast in Christ Jesus? Or do you have a tendency to boast in yourself? It’s so easy to slip into self-boasting and to forget that our glory is in the Lord.

Your Identity in Christ is Your Greatest Weapon

From time to time I have people from a certain cult who come knocking on my door offering me literature and a way to find peace through Jehovah. Do you know how much enticement that is to me? Zero! None! They have no pull on me because I know who Christ is!

If God is Good Why Does Suffering and Evil Exist 1

If God is a loving, all powerful God, why does he allow evil and suffering to exist?


Paul had a warning for the church in Philippi. Paul had a warning for the church today. Beware of those who corrupt the Gospel. Stand firm for the truth of the gospel of the grace of God for all people equally.

Surveying the Battlefield

A great man once said, “Paul had enough morality to keep himself out of trouble, but not enough righteousness to get himself into heaven!” What about you?

The Example of Epaphroditus

It’s so easy to follow Christ when the crowds are watching and the deeds are noble and heroic. But what about when no one is watching and the works we do are small – like mowing the lawn, setting up the coffee, sweeping the floor, or collecting the offering? Nothing is small or insignificant if it is done for Jesus.

The Example of Timothy

Are you a Philippians 1:21 Christian or a Philippians 2:21 Christian? What’s the difference? Listen today and find out. It may change your life!

The Example of Paul

God wants to show you off to the world. He wants to say, “look at my children. These are my children that I have purchased.”

God's Work in You

The one who flung galaxies into existence, the one whose holiness causes angels to cover their faces and prophets to fall on their faces, is the one who is at work within us.

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