The Woman Who Wept at His Feet Pt. 2

Jesus has gone into a home and is insulted by not being given water for his feet, a kiss of greeting, and oil for his head. A woman in the crowd watching the scene is appalled by this insult and takes matters into her own hands. What do the Pharisees think of this? What does Jesus think?

The Woman Who Wept at His Feet Pt. 1

Intro – Jesus is publicly insulted, but a woman in the crowd, appalled by such behavior, takes matters into her own hands. Who was this woman and what did she do to honor Jesus?

Psalm 73 Part 3

Here’s a reason why we get into trouble - we make decisions based on partial information, rather than the whole story. How can we stop doing this? Today we will learn how.

Psalm 73 Part 2

Here is a certainty that we must pay special attention to – oppression of the weak always follows a rejection of God. We are experiencing a rejection of God. Unless there is repentance, there will one day be oppression of the weak.

Psalm 73 Part 1

For 1000 years, the descendants of a man named Asaph were singing the praises of God in the Temple. How would you like that for a legacy – knowing your descendants were leading others in worship? Today, we are going to learn about this man and one of the Psalms he wrote that is a work of priceless art.

Psalm 8 Part 3

In all the universe with all its vastness and glory, in all the earth with its beauties that we behold, there is something even greater that has been made to show the glory of God. You might be surprised at what it is.

Psalm 8 Part 2

Some people believe that this exquisitely created universe and earth got here by chance. If you believe that, I marvel at your faith, especially after you hear what I will tell you today about the universe.

Psalm 8 Part 1

Did you know there is a chapter in the Bible that sits on the surface of the moon? It was carried there by the Apollo 11 astronauts but what is this chapter, why was it carried there and what is its significance for you and me?

Psalm 7

David believed in God’s worldwide sovereignty. He was not just king over Israel. He was king over the world and David envisioned a time when all nations of the world will assemble before God the King.

Psalm 6

The God who disciplined David is the same loving Father who disciplines us for our good.

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