Unity Comes from the Nature of God

As helpful as Christian programs are, as great as Christian music is, as wonderful as different kinds of leadership in the church is, we must go deeper to find and experience the unity that the Spirit of God creates in the church. Unity in churches and among churches is based upon God Himself.

Patience, Tolerance, Diligence in Unity

Don’t you wish there was a patience pill? But there isn’t, and God wants to build patience in our lives. How does he do that? That’s what we will talk about today.

All Humility and Gentleness

You want rest for your souls? Come to the one who is humble and gentle and follow him on the path of humility and gentleness and you will find rest for your battle-weary soul! You will find great peace! You will find your anxieties floating away, your strivings will cease.

Walk Worthy

Not everyone will be in full-time ministry, but all of us are called to something far greater than full-time ministry. We are called to the full-time ministry of reigning with Christ when he returns.

Overview of Eph 4-6

Have you heard anyone say, “I don’t need all that doctrine.” That is not accurate. But an equally grievous error is when we think that because we have good doctrine, everything is OK.

How to Be Filled Up with God 4

Do you want to grow and have your life be mighty for the Lord? If so, you must first dig down to go up. You must let the Lord dig deep into your heart, clear out the rubble of the old life, the old ways, the old sins and let him lay solid foundation stones of His love for you in your heart.

How to Be Filled Up with God 3

As God gets more of us, as we yield more areas to him, as we let him strengthen our character and our faith, we will find ourselves experiencing more of him. He, who lives in us, already, will dwell in our hearts by faith.

How to Be Filled Up with God 2

Do you feel weak? Do you feel like you have insurmountable problems? Do you have a nasty habit that you just can’t shake? Don’t be overwhelmed by it. The Holy Spirit knows exactly what is going on, the depth of the problem, and the power that he has to strengthen you so that Christ may dwell in your heart by faith.

How to Be Filled Up with God 1

What moves you to pray? How earnest is your praying before God? I am sure you pray because of circumstances in your life. That is good. But I want you to learn to pray because of the great things Christ has done and to let His great work inspire great praying.

The Eternal Purpose of God

God doesn’t want us to come to him with head down but with head up, not dragging our feet but stepping forward with firmness, not groveling in the dirt, but bowing in adoration.

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