Paul the Steward 2

You and I are stewards. God has given us money and time and spiritual gifts to use for the advance of his cause in the world.

Paul the Steward 1

What a contrast to teaching we hear today. We hear about how to be a better you and how to reach our full potential – and that can be OK – if we remember that God gives us grace and makes us better people not only for ourselves but also for others.

Paul the Prisoner

Some people will view our message as subversive and dangerous. Not everyone. Some will view our message as ridiculous. Paul said the preaching of the cross is foolishness to some.

The Ultimate Goal of God's People

Isn’t this an amazing chapter? Isn’t this an amazing truth? God made you and me into his dwelling! What kind of God is this? What kind of love would do this for us? The love of God in Jesus Christ!

Peace Among People

The failure to provide the full dimensions of the Gospel message led to one of the greatest acts of genocide in the world in our lifetime. I hope you will listen today and learn how we can prevent this from happening again.

What Christ did for the World 2

If people would embrace Christ, imagine the peace that would come as people find reconciliation with one another and unite in the new body that Christ is now creating.

What Christ did for the World 1

God brought Israel near to him through the giving of his word, through the sacrificial system, through the prophets, and through the promises of the coming Savior. But this nearness of Israel to God implied something. It implied that the other nations were far from God

The Darkness of Life Without Christ 2

People were alienated from God and the people of God. They were cut off from the Messiah, from the covenants of promise, and from hope. But friends … that is not the end of the story for the very next words begin with that great word of divine intervention – But – this is the way the world was, but God intervened.

The Darkness of Life Without Christ 1

Is there someone you need to be reconciled with? A family member? A friend? Have you offended this person and you need to humble yourself and ask forgiveness? Or, perhaps the other person has offended you and you are harboring bitterness in your heart? God wants to work in this situation right now.

Salvation is the Craftsmanship of God

God does not use us and squeeze the most out of us like a hard-hearted owner of slaves who tosses them aside after they are no longer useful. No, God is writing a beautiful poem through us that he wishes to read to the world so that the world will see his glory in us.

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