Who Was That Man 1

The Grace of Christmas

When the baby grew up, he did not say, “Why can’t you be more like Me?” No, rather, he said, “Just as I came into this world through imperfect people, so I have come into this world to seek and to save imperfect people.

The Promises of Christmas Pt 3

Some of you may look at your life and think, “What a mess.” And you know what? It probably is! But I have good news for you. God has made promises.

The Promises of Christmas Pt 2

There are many dark, tragic places in this world – stories we hear that frighten us, news reports of troubled places. Many ask, “Where is God in the midst of the suffering?” And the answer is, “he is right there.”

The Promises of Christmas Pt 1

God chose Bethlehem to drive home this point. In his eyes there is no little position, no little ministry, no little person, and no little place. It is all important to him.

The Child with the Wonderful Names

The child who was born in an hour of great need for the people has a name that shows that in that time of great need, God will be with his people. God does not promise to rescue us from all of life’s problems, but he does say, “I will be with you.”

The Humility of Christmas Pt 3

Ordinary Mary, Just Joseph, and Simple Shepherds. This is the humility of Christmas. Don’t you find it amazing that God used humble, simple people to advance his purposes? I believe God did this to show His power and to turn the values of the world upside down.

The Humility of Christmas Pt 2

Life is composed mostly of daily, ordinary routines. God uses the daily, ordinary, routines, and sometimes troublesome events in the world like a Roman census and like a crazed ruler such as Herod to accomplish his will.

The Humility of Christmas Pt 2

The Humility of Christmas Pt 1

After centuries of church history, apocryphal writings, and questionable theology about Mary, we need to get back to the simplicity of who Mary was. Sometimes I like to call her ordinary Mary.

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