Think on these Things 1

It is so important that we hold to these truths about God because there is a law God has built into the universe – we will become like what we worship. We will become like whatever is most important in our lives.

Be Anxious For Nothing 2

When you have worries you must make a choice – are you just going to brood upon them and let them send you into a downward spiral or are you going to take those worries to God and let God know how you feel?

Be Anxious For Nothing 1

We want to be ready when the attacks come, and the way to prepare ourselves against those attacks is to hurl our anxieties upon the Lord knowing that He deeply cares for us and will work all things out for our good.

The Case for Christ

The case for faith is indeed strong. The evidence is overwhelming in favor of the existence of God, of the reliability of the Bible, and of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let’s learn some final lessons on this today.

Let Your Gentle Spirit be Made Known

We must let our voices be heard in the marketplace of ideas, but we must ask God to give us grace to do so, not as militants, but as mercy-bearers, not as violent aggressors but as peace-makers, not as radical revolutionaries but as servants who only want to help others find the truth about our God who loves them.

The Power of Faith 2

If you need to investigate the claims of Christ, investigate. That is a good thing. But you must realize that at some point you will need to make a choice for or against him.

Rejoice in the Lord Always 2

Let me ask you, when you hear reports of others who come to Christ, does that bring you joy? When you hear reports of God’s people making progress in their lives, does that bring you joy?

The Power of Faith 1

Without God, there is no basis for morality and justice among people. Without God, we are left only with preferences and there is no right or wrong.

Rejoice in the Lord Always 1

The people were stunned again. This time in a good way. Jesus was alive and he would forgive them for their sins. One man stepped forward and said, “I believe in this Jesus.” And the missionary said, “if you truly believe then your sins are forgiven.”

Is it Possible to Be a Christian and Still Have Doubts 2

There are many causes of doubt about the truthfulness of Christianity. Let’s learn more about them today and how to overcome them.

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