The Wonder of Worship 1

Our God is exciting. Our God is adventurous. Our God is fascinating. Our God is glorious. Our God is full of surprises and He is anything but repetitious, predictable, and boring.

Ephesians for Everyone

Ephesians for Everyone

God’s attitude towards us is 100% gracious because we are in Christ Jesus and because he is 100% gracious toward us in Christ we have 100% peace with God!

God's Kingdom Invades Ephesus 2

God's Kingdom Invades Ephesus 2

The message of King Jesus, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, by its very nature would cut across the grain of emperor worship and the worship of every so-called god or goddess. The Gospel was calling men to repent of their idolatry and to embrace the one true God of creation.

God's Kingdom Invades Ephesus 1

God's Kingdom Invades Ephesus 1

Ephesus was indeed a wonder of the ancient world, but it was no match what God was going to do. God was on the offensive and he would show his wonders that would dwarf the wonders of this ancient city.

The Beauty of Holiness

What We Do to Become Holy

Sin knocks on the door of our hearts and wants to come in masquerading as our friend and servant, but once we let it in, it becomes our master and never wants to leave.

What God Did to Make Us Holy

I have some good news for you today. Even though we all have times where we stumble. These are the times to remember that our relationship with God is based upon him and his perfect record, not us and our imperfect record. Let’s learn how this can set us free.

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