Resurrection Vision 3

In Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. In other words, we see what a human really is. We see someone who perfectly reflects the image of God. We see love in all its purity. We see compassion in all its mercy. We see justice and righteousness for the hurting and poor, and we see commitment to God’s glory.

Resurrection Vision 2

It is not just that a great prophet died. Jesus was the one many believed to be the promised Messiah. Yet they murdered him! Was there no end to the injustices and the suffering of the world? But He died, and God remained silent. Until the third day!

Resurrection Vision 1

As much as I love the Christmas season with all the carols and lights and family time and exchanging of gifts, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and His victory over sin and death is our greatest season and our greatest reason to rejoice.

Leave Her Alone Pt. 2

A woman enters the home where Jesus is dining and anoints him with oil worth thousands of dollars. Everyone is upset that she has wasted this oil, but Jesus surprises everyone with his response to her act.

Leave Her Alone Pt. 1

Jesus has performed his greatest miracle, raising Lazarus from the dead, but not everyone is happy in Jerusalem and danger is in the air.

The Grieving Sisters of Bethany Pt. 2

Jesus was late, and Lazarus was dead. But God was in control and he used these circumstances to teach us a lesson that will determine our eternal destiny.

The Grieving Sisters of Bethany Pt. 1

Jesus loved Lazarus and Martha and Mary, but that love would be tested to the limits when Lazarus became deathly sick.

The Crooked Woman Pt. 2

Jesus has healed a woman on the Sabbath. The synagogue leaders are furious, but Jesus tells them and us something we must learn about the kingdom of God.

The Crooked Woman Pt. 1

Jesus is teaching on the Sabbath. Everyone is enjoying his message when a woman shows up with a deformity she has endured for 18 years. Jesus calls her to the front of the synagogue. What will he do on this day of rest?

Calamities in the Kitchen Pt. 2

Martha has been gently humbled by the Lord. All her busy-ness got her into a mess, but what lessons does her story and that of her sister Mary have for us?

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