The Promises of Christmas Pt 3

Some of you may look at your life and think, “What a mess.” And you know what? It probably is! But I have good news for you. God has made promises.

The Promises of Christmas Pt 2

There are many dark, tragic places in this world – stories we hear that frighten us, news reports of troubled places. Many ask, “Where is God in the midst of the suffering?” And the answer is, “he is right there.”

The Gifts of the King 2

We should not be indifferent toward our gifts. Can you imagine giving a gift to someone, someone you love, and then they just set the gift aside and don’t care for it?

Gifted Leaders 1

Do we have apostles and prophets today? The answer is “no” and “yes”. Listen to our message today and learn what I mean by this double answer

The Gifts of the King 1

A natural ability is given to us at birth. It is built into our DNA. A spiritual gift comes to us at rebirth and is from the Spirit of God and the grace of the enthroned Lord Jesus Christ.

Unity Comes from the Work of God

There is only one Body that experiences God’s salvation. There is not a Body of Jews and a separate Body of Gentiles and then among the Gentiles a Body of Blacks and a Body of Whites and a Body of Hispanics and a Body of Asians. There is one body.

Unity Comes from the Nature of God

As helpful as Christian programs are, as great as Christian music is, as wonderful as different kinds of leadership in the church is, we must go deeper to find and experience the unity that the Spirit of God creates in the church. Unity in churches and among churches is based upon God Himself.

Patience, Tolerance, Diligence in Unity

Don’t you wish there was a patience pill? But there isn’t, and God wants to build patience in our lives. How does he do that? That’s what we will talk about today.

All Humility and Gentleness

You want rest for your souls? Come to the one who is humble and gentle and follow him on the path of humility and gentleness and you will find rest for your battle-weary soul! You will find great peace! You will find your anxieties floating away, your strivings will cease.

Walk Worthy

Not everyone will be in full-time ministry, but all of us are called to something far greater than full-time ministry. We are called to the full-time ministry of reigning with Christ when he returns.

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