Calamities in the Kitchen Pt. 2

Martha has been gently humbled by the Lord. All her busy-ness got her into a mess, but what lessons does her story and that of her sister Mary have for us?

Calamities in the Kitchen Pt. 1

Martha has welcomed Jesus into her home and is hoping to make it a grand occasion. But calamities in the kitchen soon make a mess and Martha loses control and complains. Jesus' response to her is a lesson she will not soon forget!

The Widow Who Would Not Be Silenced Pt. 2

There was once a widow who would not be silenced and finally received what she needed. Jesus told this famous story, and it has many lessons for us. Let’s learn them together.

The Widow Who Would Not Be Silenced Pt. 1

The disciples are filled with great concern and fear. To help them get through this time of trial Jesus tells them an unforgettable story about a widow who did not have a chance against an unjust judge.

Caught in the Act of Sin Pt. 2

A woman caught in sin is thrown at the feet of Jesus and the religious leaders demand that Jesus act. What will Jesus say that will uphold the righteousness of God? What will Jesus do that will show the mercy of God?

Caught in the Act of Sin Pt. 1

Jesus is teaching in the Temple when the religious leaders bring a woman to him. They have caught her in the act of adultery! The Law demands that she be put to death for her sin. If he forgives her, he is not following the Law. If he condemns her, he is compromising his message. What will Jesus do?

The Thirsty Woman Pt. 4

Who would have thought a conversation between Jesus and a woman could lead to a discussion with men and a turning point in the history of a village?

The Thirsty Woman Pt. 3

The woman of Sychar has never talked with anyone like Jesus, and when their conversation enters a critical moment, He reveals His identity to her. She runs to the village to tell the men that she thinks Messiah has come. In the meantime, Jesus is having a conversation with the disciples about true food and true work.

The Thirsty Woman Pt. 2

Spirit and Truth – God says we need both if we are to worship him.

The Thirsty Woman Pt. 1

Jesus is making His way to Galilee. He travels through the province of Samaria and at a well near the village of Sychar enters a discussion with a woman that would reveal the depths of her heart and change her life forever.

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