Managing the Life God Has Given

There is a price to pay for following Christ. It’s much easier to set our sights lower and slide through life without being noticed or held accountable. But I ask, “Is that what we really want?” I think, down deep, we all want more.

The Call to Character

When someone speaks about becoming like Jesus Christ, does that seem out of reach even though God himself expects this for you? If it does, perhaps it is because the word “Christ like” is too vague a term. Today, let’s learn what it means to be like Jesus.

Every Man's Greatest Mission

Handsome, intelligent, and strong, Peter the Great was gifted to lead, but he was also cruel and a tyrant. Personal difficulties led him to lament in his last days, “I have conquered an empire, but I have not been able to conquer myself.”

Final Words to Faithful People

Paul was not a library theologian. He was not a man who spent his years only reading books. But he was a man who was involved in the heat of the battle.

Holy War in Heavenly Places 6

I thought Paul never had trouble sharing the Gospel. He was the first great missionary. He was the one who started churches. He was the one gifted to be an apostle and a preacher and teacher of the truth and could even perform miracles. All that came natural to him, right? Wrong!

Holy War in Heavenly Places 5

What are the flaming arrows of the evil one? They are his accusations against us, true or untrue. The evil one is called the accuser of the brethren, and he accuses us before God night and day.

Holy War in Heavenly Places 4

This is the reason why so many Christians are losing the battle. They do not realize God is calling them to fight. Too many Christians do not realize we are in a spiritual battle or that the battle can be fierce, and they run away.

Holy War in Heavenly Places 3

We are in a great conflict. If our Lord was in a great conflict, should we expect anything else?

Holy War in Heavenly Places 2

This was the great issue that Jesus tried to correct when he came to Israel. The Jews thought that Rome and the rest of the Gentile world was the enemy. Sin was the enemy, and the powers behind sin were the enemy.

Holy War in Heavenly Places 1

Christ defeated the powers on the cross. Their greatest weapon has been taken away – our guilty status before God.

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