Working through Conflict

The topic of unity has been like an underground stream that pops above the surface of the ground from time to time. Now, the underground stream is completely above ground and is a mighty rushing river.

Why is Church History Full of Abuse and Violence 2

The Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials, missionary exploitation, anti-Semitism. These have been stains on the reputation of the Church. Today let’s find out what really happened and learn how to answer these charges.

Why is Church History Full of Abuse and Violence 1

If Christ is real and he founded the church why has his church been so full of violence in its history? Great question! We are going to examine it today.

Good Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven

Our faith in Christ is unique. Every other religion is about escaping the earth and going off to heavenly realms forever and ever. The Bible has a very different picture. When God sent Christ into the world it was with this goal in mind – to renew all things.

A Loving God Would Never Send People to Hell

A loving God would never send people to Hell, would he? Today, we are going to tackle this tough question for today’s Christian.

Their God is Their Appetite

What is the result of this kind of life, the kind of life where one lives by the physical appetites, the kind of life where one boasts in shameful things, the kind of life where people live only for the moment? Paul says, “their end is destruction.”

How can Jesus be the Only Way to God 2

Have you ever heard anyone say, “you Christians say Christ is the only way to God but isn’t the way a person lives more important that what he believes? Besides, I know many upright, moral people who are not Christians.” How would we answer them? Let’s learn today.

Imitate Me

The Christian life is not just passing on what we believe but passing on how we live. It is not just orthodoxy, what we believe, but orthopraxy – how we live.

How can Jesus be the Only Way to God 1

Is Jesus really the only way to God? What do we say to people when they tell us we are narrow minded bigots? Let’s listen today and learn together.

Reaching for the Prize

If you have a river constantly overflowing its banks you’ll get a swamp. But if you channel that river, focus it, and dam it up at certain places, you’ll get power. What kind of person do you want to be, a swampy person or a powerful person?

The God of the Bible is a Murderer of Innocents 3

Can we really trust the Bible, that it is from God? Today we are going to learn five reasons why we can put our faith in this book and the God it describes.

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