How to Be Filled Up with God 3

As God gets more of us, as we yield more areas to him, as we let him strengthen our character and our faith, we will find ourselves experiencing more of him. He, who lives in us, already, will dwell in our hearts by faith.

How to Be Filled Up with God 2

Do you feel weak? Do you feel like you have insurmountable problems? Do you have a nasty habit that you just can’t shake? Don’t be overwhelmed by it. The Holy Spirit knows exactly what is going on, the depth of the problem, and the power that he has to strengthen you so that Christ may dwell in your heart by faith.

How to Be Filled Up with God 1

What moves you to pray? How earnest is your praying before God? I am sure you pray because of circumstances in your life. That is good. But I want you to learn to pray because of the great things Christ has done and to let His great work inspire great praying.

The Eternal Purpose of God

God doesn’t want us to come to him with head down but with head up, not dragging our feet but stepping forward with firmness, not groveling in the dirt, but bowing in adoration.

Paul the Bearer of Light 2

Do you ever sense an opposition to your life? I’m not talking about normal opposition or feeling tired or fleshly but something more sinister and oppressive where it seems like nothing matters or it seems like you are walking through knee-deep mud.

Paul the Light Bringer 1

The fulfillment and life the religions of the world fail to deliver, Christ can deliver because in him are the riches of wisdom and knowledge, and in him is fulfillment and life.

Paul the Preacher

I wish every Christian and every preacher would listen to me just for a few moments. I am afraid that we have walked away from this verse. I am afraid that we have fallen into preaching principles and steps and feeling good and solutions and we have stopped preaching the riches of Christ.

Paul the Steward 2

You and I are stewards. God has given us money and time and spiritual gifts to use for the advance of his cause in the world.

Paul the Steward 1

What a contrast to teaching we hear today. We hear about how to be a better you and how to reach our full potential – and that can be OK – if we remember that God gives us grace and makes us better people not only for ourselves but also for others.

Paul the Prisoner

Some people will view our message as subversive and dangerous. Not everyone. Some will view our message as ridiculous. Paul said the preaching of the cross is foolishness to some.

The Ultimate Goal of God's People

Isn’t this an amazing chapter? Isn’t this an amazing truth? God made you and me into his dwelling! What kind of God is this? What kind of love would do this for us? The love of God in Jesus Christ!

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