Why does the Bible talk about Jesus as a temple?

When the Bible talks about Jesus as a "dwelling place,” it is the same term used to refer to a tabernacle or temple. In Jesus, Heaven and Earth overlap just like in those sacred spaces. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible #heaven

How does the Bible talk about demons? #shorts #bibleproject #biblevideo

In the Bible demons are dark spiritual forces that can drag God's good creation into chaos and darkness.

How do God's space and human space overlap? #bible #bibleproject #shorts

In the Bible, Heaven and Earth describe God's space and human space. In the story of the Bible, these two spaces have been torn apart—but Jesus has the power to reunite them. #shorts

Discover a new way to study the Bible.

BibleProject Classroom helps you gain skills to study the Bible through free, self-paced classes taught by experts. Start class today! #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible #classroom #class #education #onlineclasses

Leviticus Q+R • Torah Q+R Ep. 5

Tim and Jon respond to questions from BibleProject Podcast's listeners.

Biblical Hope is Based on a Person

People express hope throughout the Bible, and most often what they hope for is God himself. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

Women Who Slayed Dragons

In today’s episode, we once again encounter a theme that’s becoming all too familiar: humans becoming chaos monsters. Jabin, king of Canaan, and Sisera, the commander of his army, are depicted as serpents in Judges 4, and the humans who overcome these two dragons are two women, Deborah and Jael. Join Tim and Jon as they explore the theme of the dragon in the scroll of Judges.

Was Cain’s City Originally a Good Thing? • The City Q+R 2

Was Cain’s city a good thing initially? If Israel was just as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah, why didn’t God destroy it too? And how will God redeem the city in the new creation? In this episode, Tim and Jon respond to your questions from the second half of The City series. Thank you to our audience for your insightful questions!

What is an “ets”?

In Hebrew "ets" refers to any large tree, bush, or vine. And the most famous ets in the Bible is the tree of life in the book of Genesis. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

How Humans Overcome the Dragon in Exodus

God created humans to bear his image, but sometimes we choose our own destruction and start to look a lot more like chaos monsters instead. In this episode, Tim and Jon discuss a human who the prophets frequently called a sea dragon: the Pharaoh who ruled Egypt and enslaved Israel in the scroll of Exodus. If Pharaoh is the seed of the serpent, who is the seed of the woman in Exodus? Listen in to find out!

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