PT518 Eng 35. Depression. Signs of Depression.

This lecture is based on the chapter about depression from Christian Counseling by Gary Collins. You will learn about signs and causes of depression.

PT518 Eng 34. Depression. Common Causes of Depression.

Depression is always a spiritual issue, no matter what its cause. It can be a person's sinful response to something that's happened or it can be the experience of ...

PT518 Eng 33. Christians Facing Suffering

What does 2 Corinthians 1:3-11 say about suffering? Does the teaching of this passage apply to those who are not being persecuted but who are suffering from ...

PT518 Eng 32. The Power of Blessing

How do we bestow and receive blessings? When is a good time to bless someone? In this lecture Lee Eclov talks about the neglected power of blessings.

PT518 Eng 31. Wiseman, Pastor, Prophet, Priest: Tailoring Your Counseling Style

In this lecture Lee Eclov gives four different scenarios and four options to choose from. Which style of counseling should you use in different situations? Are you ...

PT518 Eng 30. Boundaries in Pastoral Counseling. Four Common Boundary Issues.

In this section of the lecture "Boundaries in Pastoral Counseling" Lee Eclov looks at four common boundary issues: multiple role relationships, sexuality&gender ...

PT518 Eng 29. “Boundaries & Roles in Ministry Counseling” by Dr. Miriam Stark Parent.

It's a counselor's responsibility to set boundaries. Weak boundaries lead to burnout. Boundaries are necessary to protect the counselor's emotional and spiritual ...

PT518 Eng 28. The Continuum of Care

Pastors don't have to solve all the problems by themselves. They have the benefit of the whole church, both local and beyond, in helping care for people.

PT518 Eng 27. Recapping and Strengthening What We’ve Learned

What can a counselor discover by listening well? What happens when you listen past the facts? What's next to hear? What can't listening do? When must the ...

PT518 Eng 26. "Connecting", by Larry Crabb

This lecture is based on the book "Connecting" by Larry Crabb. Lee Eclov covers some of the ideas from the book and looks at the pattern of retreating, reproving ...

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