A206 ENG 35. An Open Door

David Shenk begins this last lecture with the message to the church in Philadelphia from Revelation Ch. 3 to explain what can open the door for Christians to minister among the Muslims. Some interesting insights and illustrations from personal life help us understand that message better.

A206 ENG 34. Principles for Ministry Among Muslims

In this lecture you will turn to 1Peter Ch. 3 to learn some principles for ministry among Muslims and discover characteristics which are important for a church that wants to engage in this ministry. As usual, David Shenk tells us interesting stories.

A206 ENG 33. Folk and Secularist Islam

There were the mystics among the Muslim movements. David Shenk talks about the Sufi who want to experience God and to know and meet Him. As they search the Qur'an they find some helpful themes. They discover that Abraham is a wali, a friend of God. In this lecture you will learn more about the mystics and their theology.

A206 ENG 32. Sufi Mystics

After the death of Muhammad it was necessary to decide who would be the leader of the community. David Shenk talks about different leaders of the community and how the struggle between different camps led to civil war.

A206 ENG 31. The Shi'a or Shi'ite Muslims

This lecture continues the discussion about the formation of Shari'a system. There were four systems of law that were developed and all are respected. After the law system was developed the Sunni Muslims concluded that the doors of ijtihad were closed. David Shenk explains the doctrine of bid'ah which means that there can be no change or innovation. You will learn about the significance of this theology and the problems modern Muslims have with it. The teacher also talks about the law of Christ which is love and about conversion which doesn't expect the change of culture.

A206 ENG 30. Shari'a is Muslim Law Part 2

David Shenk begins this lecture by telling an interesting story about the conversion of a Muslim from Ethiopia. The teacher reads from 2 Cor. Ch. 3 to show how Christians can be the most fruitful letters that are read by the people. You will look at the development of Shari'a law and sources of its authority.

A206 ENG 29. Shari'a is Muslim Law Part 1

The Hajj refers to the pilgrimage to Mecca and Muhammad transformed the polytheistic Arabian experience into the Muslim experience as only Muslims are invited to come to that region. In this lecture David Shenk looks at some significant dimentions of the pilgrimage and then he compares it with Christian Eucharist.

A206 ENG 28. The Hajj and the Eucharist

In this lecture you will learn about Tawhid which refers to oneness of God and His will. Muslims believe that the political and religious order must be integrated. David Shenk explains what it means for Christians when they attempt to share their witness concerning the Trinity and the diversity within the church and the relationship between the church and the state.

A206 ENG 27. Tawhid and Trinity

Christians look at Jerusalem experience and it is different from what happened in Medina. Jesus marches into Jerusalem with the army of singing children. Church becomes a body of Christ and a new temple, so geographical center is not needed anymore. Jesus initiated a new movement in which the people of God become the place where God dwells. Christ creates a new community, which begins bereft of any political or economic power. In this part of the lecture David Shenk talks about a huge Constantinian watershed when the church and the Empire in the western world "became married" with a very close relationship. You will also learn about the movements on the edges of the Empire. The teacher will compare the church and the Ummah at the end of this lecture.

A206 ENG 21. Tanzil and Incarnation Part 2

In the second part of the lecture speaking about tanzil and incarnation David Shenk continues to explain how to interprete Jesus as the Son of God to our Muslim friends. David Shenk compares the Muslim understanding and the biblical revelation about Jesus.

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