What Does God Look Like?

What picture of God do you have?

Interview with God

If you were to interview God, what would you ask Him?

Like Father, Like Son

Here are some guidelines on how you can maximize your influence in your child's life.

When You Care Too Much to Quit

We sometimes realize that we cannot always make people happy or comfortable.

Going On When You Don't Feel Like It

Do you need a kick start to get you going?

Looking Back

Can you accept what God says about your past life and move on?

The "Interpretation" of Truth

Since when does truth have to be interpreted?

Armageddon--History's Last Stop

Do you know what Armageddon is all about?

When You're Persecuted

How should you respond when you become a target of hostility or persecution for doing right?

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Why is it easier to make war than to make peace?

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