Is Spiritual Blindness Crippling Your Life

Paul says that blindness is like a heavy fog, keeping the unregenerate person from clearly seeing who Jesus Christ really is.

4 Reasons We are Hesitant to Commit to Marriage

Why are so many today hesitant to commit to a long-term relationship?

What Does Marriage Even Mean Today?

Why should you bother getting married?

What Does a True Leader Look Like?

The Bible speaks to the qualities of an effective leader.

The Most Transformative Power on Earth

Love is still the strongest force in the world--the greatest motive for changing one's behavior and keeping relationships from disintegrating!

You're Invited to a Party!

The marriage supper of the Lamb is going to be the mother of all celebrations!

Check Your Heart

What is lurking in your heart?

Learn How God Sees Us Through Our Battles

The Bible is realistic, yet encouraging about the Christian life--providing the resources we need to face the fight and to win!

Can You Trust God to Run Your Life?

Why are we so hesitant to trust God?

Were Mistakes Made or Did You Lie?

Don't fall into the quicksand of lying, that pulls you even deeper!

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