Why You Can Still be Optimistic

When we look beyond the headlines and read the last chapter of the Bible, we will come to understand the scope of God's power that will help us bear the difficulties of life!

Can God Handle Our Failures?

What you truly believe about God will be evidenced by the amount of time you spend worrying.

4 Ways to Grow Your Faith

Storms hit all of us in life, but God has outlined ways that we can grow in our faith and trust in Him in uncertain times.

You Can Find Meaning in the "In-Between-Times"

The "in-between-times" are platforms upon which God builds something new and fresh and wonderful!

What is the Difference Between Faith and Obedience

Faith demands commitment at heart's level while obedience demands faith at feet level.

What Do You Believe In?

What you need is not faith in faith, but faith in the power of God!

Why Faith is Essential to Life

In the final analysis, life is contingent on this thing we call faith.

You Can Trust God in Times of Need

Hold on to what you know is true about God, when you face testings!

3 Steps to Becoming a Helpful Friend

Want to be more helpful to others? Then, follow these three steps!

How to Encourage a Friend

How do you respond to a friend who is deeply distressed?

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