Spotting a Fake Gospel

There is a counterfeit for every genuine and authentic thing.

What Exactly Defines a Church?

Find out if the church is defined as a building or a holy huddle of individuals.

Is Tomorrow Distracting You from Today?

Seize today for it's the only time in your life that you can do anything about!

Why Hope is Essential for Life

Hope is the very lifeblood of human existence.

Can You Prove God Exists?

God Himself reconciles this question through His revelation.

5 Things You Can Learn From Failure

Some of the greatest lessons in life are learned through failure.

How Persistent are You in Prayer?

How many times must you pray before you know God has heard you?

You Can Pray with Confidence

Praying with confidence often brings surprise answers.

How Do You Measure Someone's Worth?

Discover the real guideline in measuring someone's worth!

The God of Glory

Are you able to declare the glory of God in response to what marvelous things He has done for you?

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