Why Should I Give?

There is no reward as significant as knowing your resources and gifts have made a difference in the world.

This is What You Need from Church

Love, acceptance and forgiveness are all ingredients of fellowship.

How to Conquer the Biggest Problems in Your Life

"Giants" in our lives can bring us to the place of knowing that God is bigger than any problem we will ever face.

Why Your Giant Problems are a Good Thing

We don't often lift our eyes above the giants of life to the strength of God above.

The Five Gifts Seniors Have to Give

Seniors have a five-part "living inheritance" to share with the younger generation besides money.

How to Know Who You Really Are

Knowing who you are goes well beyond knowing who are earthly parents are.

How to be a Genius

You can develop the three factors that make a person a genius!

How Do You Turn Things Over to God?

When you know you are not alone, it goes a long way to handling the stresses of life.

How to Think About Trouble

Everyone who faces trouble is either better or bitter because of it.

How to Cope with Pain

You can cope with pain by taking Scripture to heart and leaning upon the presence of Jesus Christ.

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