Why Is It So Hard For Us to Communicate?

Gender differences, cultural differences and, certainly, linguistic differences make simple communication difficult, but not impossible.

5 Guidelines to Having a Great Conversation

While not everyone is cut out to be a public speaker, every person can still be a good conversationalist!

Here's How to Get Your Message Across

Are you communicating well enough so you are being heard?

Are Men and Women Really That Different?

It's not just your imagination! Men and women do have different communication styles.

When Your Dream Dies

It's never easy to deal with a dream that didn't come true, especially when we know that our mighty and powerful God could make things happen.

Are You Living in Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow?

We can hold on to hope that tomorrow will be different and not worry about what may or could happen today!

There's Hope for Tomorrow!

God is in every tomorrow of the believer!

Why We Struggle with Doing Wrong

Do you struggle with doing good most days, followed with depressing failures the next?

10 Proven Tips for Parenting Well

What areas of your parenting--or grand-parenting!--need improvement?

Is There Meaning to Our Existence Without God?

Do you struggle with questions about life's meaning? The Bible has the answers!

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