What Makes Christianity Different?

God's revelation of Himself separates Christianity from all religions.

How Does God View My Unbelief?

You need to find the answers for yourself rather than deny God's existence.

Are You Tempted to Believe in God?

There is no better temptation than the temptation to believe in God!

Learn How to Face Death

When you have the concrete assurance of eternal life, facing death is neither scary nor foreboding.

What Does It Mean to be Mature?

You can either go by a dictionary's definition of maturity or what the Bible says about it.

Start Learning What Life is All About

Don't get shortchanged by despair and loneliness for there is more to life that you can know and have!

What Does Jesus Have to Do with Christianity?

Do you have to believe in Jesus to be a Christian?

5 Elements of Repentance

Learn the 5 elements of biblical repentance so you can be certain about God's forgiveness of your sin.

Discover the Link Between Sin and a Savior

Sin is the problem, and a Savior is the solution.

This is the Good News About Sin

The good news about sin is that you failed, but God has the solution!

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