How to Neighbor

You won't love your neighbor until you understand who you really are in Jesus Christ.

Why Does Attitude Matter?

It's amazing how attitude pushes us in the direction we want to go, no matter where it is.

5 Ways to Turn Worry Into Trust

You must--and you can--refuse to worry!

How Do I Love Unlovable People?

Love people as they are, without desiring to change them!

3 Guidelines to Becoming an Encourager

Encouragement lifts you up in a world that puts you down.

What is Stopping You from Becoming an Encourager?

The time to encourage someone is now!

Worship: The Way of Grace and Blessing

Jesus came to make worshipers out of rebels.

What is Worship, Anyway?

Real worship focuses on who God is!

What We Can Do in Times of Uncertainty

Here are four things to remember about God as we pray in times of darkness and uncertainty.

Here is the Way of the Cross

Are you still trying to control your destiny?

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