What Your Heart and God Have to Do with Each Other

Do people know what is deep in your heart or is it all about projection?

How to Fix a Broken Heart

Poets talk about it. Lovers sing about it. And doctors try to keep it healthy.

The Part of You that You Can't Live Without

Do you know the most critical part of your body that works 24/7 and never takes a vacation?

How to Build Up Your Marriage

Focusing on the little negative things more than the important ones hurt your marriage.

How to Use Time Wisely

It is possible to make the most of each and every day by following God's plan!

Take Advantage of Today!

Today lies within your grasp so don't let it slip through your hands!

How to Become a Christian

Christ Himself made it clear what a person must do to become a Christian.

Answering the Problem of Evil

There is a light that is greater than the darkest evil.

Learn to Speak the Language of Love

Until we know the God of love and He becomes our Father, there is little likelihood we will speak His language.

Are All Christians Hypocrite?

The only way anyone can live a genuine Christian life is by having Jesus Christ living within!

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