Is God Responsible for Everything that Happens?

There are troubles in life that we have to accept personality responsibility for!

Why Our Tendency to Label People is Wrong

Jesus received people and placed value and dignity in each of them!

Is There Such a Thing as Fate?

Does God really intervene in our daily lives?

Why You Should Cultivate Excellence in Your Life

The Bible shows that God values our work when we do it with all that we have to give.

God Gives Strength in the Broken Places

God doesn't fix everything, but gives grace that produces strength in the broken places.

The 5 Critical Questions You Need Answers To

You need answers to 5 critical questions to find the meaning of life.

Finding Gratitude After Loss

We have put so much value on possessions, that we have lost sight of the value of relationships--our family, friends and neighbors.

3 Things You Can Be Thankful For

No matter where you live on Planet Earth, every day should be a day of thanksgiving!

Don't Forget to Give Thanks for This

Part of gratitude is saying, "God, thank You for what You, in Your wise providence, have kept from happening!"

What to Forget and What to Remember

Focus on the abundance of blessings God has poured into your life!

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