What to Do After Christmas is Over

Is there any correlation between the focus of the Christmas holidays and what drives and motivates your life after Christmas?

What God Did at Christmas

We desperately need to discover the meaning of the Incarnation--God becoming human and dwelling with us--in this world of misery and conflict

Why You Can Trust God's Timing

Nothing is a matter of indifference with our Heavenly Father.

Why Christmas is For All

The Gospel of Matthew gives us a truly surprising look at who God chose to be in Jesus' family and who He wants to be as His own!

What If Jesus were Born Today?

Would anyone be able to find Jesus in your Christmas celebration?

Why You Should Think About Easter at Christmas

Do you know that Christmas was the promise of Easter?

What to Give Your Kids for Christmas

It takes thought and intent; but, the best gifts you can give your kids this Christmas are free.

How to Handle Loneliness at Christmas

December depression-stoppers include remembering what Christmas is actually about and reconnecting with people.

Knowing When to Speak and When to Stay Silent

There is a time to speak and a time to remain silent.

How Harmful Can Gossip Be?

Your spoken words in a year would fill 66 books of 300 pages each. And a many concern other people that should have been left unsaid.

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