This is Why Love is More Powerful

The real battle today is for the hearts and minds of people!

Who are You Putting Your Trust In?

Are you looking to the arm of flesh or the arm of the Almighty?

How to Stand Up Against Your Enemy

There are two very important guidelines that will help us in confronting our problems.

It is Time to Trust in the Lord

The battles are there, but God promises to be with us and to take us through them.

How Does God Use My Problems?

God brings discipline into your life, when you turn to Him for deliverance.

5 Steps to Resist Temptation

Here are guidelines to ponder and help you avoid compromising situations.

How to Work Through Sexual Temptation

"Abstain from all appearance of evil" is the apostle Paul's reminder to all of us.

This is Why We Should Love One Another

Don't vent your anger on the one you promised to love, honor and cherish until death should separate you!

How to Live a Faithful Life

God's plan for your life is intensely personal and demands a decision of obedience.

How Does Our Culture View Success?

As long as our attitudes reflect the pagan culture of this world, we'll never find the peace and fulfillment we are seeking.

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