Are All Christians Hypocrite?

The only way anyone can live a genuine Christian life is by having Jesus Christ living within!

Here is How to be Really Happy

Happiness isn't dependent on your beautiful surroundings, but your ability to cope with what you face in life with God's help!

Three Ways Out of Bone-Crushing Boredom

Nobody is as bored as the person who only has his own selfist interests for company.

When You are Tired and Discouraged

There are two things you can do when you feel like quitting!

How to Achieve True Wealth

Jesus taught that the more you give away, the more you have in the currency of heaven!

The One Thing You Need to Say Every Day

Within every heart is a love-shaped vacuum that needs filling every day!

The Best Way to Show You Care

Learning to listen is learning to care and to know how much caring means to those you love.

Why Do People End Up Marrying Jerks?

Before you marry, realistically assess what you see now and not what you hope to see later.

The One Skill We All Need

Communication is more important than you think in the life and death of a relationship.

Where to Go When You Fail

It is often our human failure that makes us reach out to God, who not only forgives but touches us with His presence and changes us into His image.

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