How to Handle Negative Emotions

Are your emotions in control...for the worse?

How Many Friends Do You Need?

Like anything else that is really valuable, friendships take work and they involve risks.

6 Guidelines to Protecting Yourself from Sexual Temptation

Maintaining a daily walk with the Lord is imperative to resisting temptation.

2 Steps to a Clear Conscience

Is you conscience bothering you?

God's View of Your Past

The Bible calls every believer a saint, regardless of where you've come from.

How to Have a Life of Enough

Do you feel like you have never done enough...that you simply aren't enough?

What Does It Mean to Have Integrity?

Your daily choices determine who you are!

4 Dangerous Thoughts to Throw Out

Are you spiritually discouraged? What's on your mind?

Is Jesus Real to You?

Christ comes into your life only at your invitation.

The Secret to Coping with Life's Upsets

How do you handle the unexpected surprises of life?

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