What Did Jesus Really Look Like?

The writers of the Gospels described Jesus as the Son of God. But is His physical description far more important to know?

How Do I Get to Know Jesus?

Find out how you can get to know Jesus without the pre-programmed answers.

How to Start Putting Your Faith in God

Do you believe that God is able to heal and do things beyond the human logic?

Begin Seeking God's Forgiveness Today

There is forgiveness for your wrongdoing, no matter what it may be, if you pour out your heart before God.

Discover the Importance of Honesty in Your Relationships

The truth about lies in marriage is that they just don't work!

Why the Habit of Lying is Harmful

How honest are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

How to Identify Pride in Your Life

Is pride so distasteful to God because you are taking credit for something that He did in your life?

7 Things the Lord Detests

King Solomon specifies seven evils, which the Lord hates, that destroy the fabric of humanity and society.

What is the Meaning of Spiritual Light?

You may know the practical or scientific definition of light, but spiritual light tells us of the impact of Jesus Christ in the world.

How God's Light Can Change Lives

The Bible is like a high intensity lamp that allow you to see yourself as you really are, not as you think you are.

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