What is the Significance of Light?

Light is... Can you fill in the blank?

Find Hope in the Midst of Despair

How do you respond to the darkness around?

How to Handle Hard Days

There are days when you just can't win!

This is How to Have Patience

Some words of wisdom to prevent you either from walking away, telling someone off or maybe even hitting the ceiling.

Learn How to Walk in Faith

Here's a story on what practicing our faith in Jesus can do.

This is Why God Truly Cares About You

There are many pictures of God leading and carrying His people in the Bible.

Stop Trying to Control Your Life!

Why are you afraid to embrace what the Bible says about God being sovereign?

Does God Know Where You Are?

You can be sure that God knows everything about you!

Discover God's True Nature

Here are 3 simple guidelines to help discover and remember Who God is.

What is the Best Way to Forgive?

Jesus' advice to forgive goes against the culture that demands revenge.

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