Why We Need Empathy

As Christians, we have the responsibility to try to learn what each other is feeling.

How to Find Hope When Times are Tough and Money is Tight

When times are tough and money is tight, we tend to blame each other and, on occasion, blame God.

The Secret of Having Enough

Until we discover the satisfaction of the open hand, we'll never have enough to satisfy.

4 Ways to Solve Disagreements About Money

Most couples could resolve conflict over money if they could resolve the issue of to whom the money belongs to.

How to Heal the Body, Emotions and Spirit

When one troubled area of your life is made whole, your entire being is enriched.

When You Just Can't Quit

You probably will agree that we are doing more than we should. How do we learn to cope?

What is the Call of God?

The call of God comes with the power to transform, to equip and to radically bless others.

3 Secrets to Making Marriage a Loving Partnership

God's plan is for two to walk together in life, with neither one in front of nor behind the other.

Can God Do Anything?

Unlike ourselves, God isn't limited or restricted by time and space.

Escape from the Prison of Regret

The Christian does not need to live in the prison called "If only...."

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