When You and Your Mate Disagree

God's will for a husband and a wife will always be the same.

Here is the Shortcut to Peace

It is easy to forget that the secret to peace is praising God in everything!

How to Handle the Influence of an Ungodly Culture

The better you know and understand the Bible, the better your decisions will be in an ungodly culture.

You Can Be Released from Hatred

When a person receives Jesus Christ, a revolutionary change results, producing deep peace within instead of burning anger and hatred.

Is Culture Right or Wrong?

Culture should always be judged according to the unchanging principles of the Bible.

Here's the Secret to Doing Everything Well

The Bible makes it clear that whatever you do--your work, your lifestyle, your choices--reflects your attitude toward God and His role in your life.

When You Want to Quit

There are three things to do when you're discouraged that you want to quit.

How to Think About Yourself

We can be real about who we are and what God has done for us to others.

Why You Should Hurt When Your Brother Hurts

Are you indifferent to Christians in pain because they live somewhere else in the world?

God's Sure Plan for You

What you may see as chaos, God views as an opportunity.

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