Why Should I Trust God?

As you read the Word and spend time in prayer, you will get to know God more intimately.

3 Guidelines to Starting a Relationship with God

A real hunger and thirst for God will not result in disappointment.

Do You Push God Toward the Sideline?

Loving God is the key to loving your neighbor as yourself!

This is How to Open the Door of Heaven

What's blocking your heart from welcoming Christ?

Can God Really Change My Life?

Remember the words, "But God..."

Why Doesn't God Step In and Do Something?

You can turn to God and get to know Him, when you are confronted with difficulties.

Who Do You Put Your Faith In?

Jesus Christ has experience in calming the storm and speaking peace to hearts.

When to Draw the Line Between Right and Wrong

You can use the Word of God to test anything and everything.

Understand the God of the Old and New Testaments

God's revelation of Himself to us isn't really different from you read in the Old and New Testaments.

Have You Fallen Out of Love?

A spinning head, butterflies in the stomach and raging hormones don't really define love.

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