What Does It Mean that God is a Father?

Let's focus on several truths when we address God as Father.

Here are Signs that You are a Christian

There are marks that you need to watch out for, if you want to be identified as a Christian.

What Does It Mean to be a True Christian?

Being born again is a discovery of a life-changing experience that changes your future!

What Does It Mean for God to Know Me?

"Follow me!" is the simple challenge of Jesus Christ.

Why is It Important to Listen to God Speak?

You can make a list of all the things you want from God, but you also need to listen to what He has to say about it.

6 Guidelines to Develop True Friendships

A true friendship can be developed, but it also needs to be protected with healthy boundaries.

Discover the Ingredient to Real Friendship

There is something lacking in many friendships today and we need to find the ingredient to a real one.

What is a Friend?

Are you able to define what a friend is?

How to Develop Quality Friendships

Do you have a friend who is willing to lay down his life for you?

6 Lessons to be Learned from David

Learn these six great lessons from David and his relationship with God.

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