Give God the Right Place

If God is truly sovereign, then simple obedience is not only a requisite but an absolute necessity.

Surviving Doubt and Darkness

It is difficult, if not impossible, to survive the dark nights of the soul apart from absolute confidence in God's Word.

3 Things to Do When Your Mate Needs to Change

Here's how to grow together and change as God works in your marriage!

You Need a Day Off!

Living the Christian life requires energy that needs to flow both in and out of our lives.

What Drives Your Life?

Until you bring God into the picture, you will never fully understand what life is about.

Three Things to Ask Yourself Before You Pray

Does God ever give you what you asked for, when it's less than His best for you?

The One Thing That's Proven to Make Your Marriage a Success

What have researchers found about marriage that gives a 99% success rate?

How a Crime Victim Forgave His Tormentor

No virtue better reflects the nature of the Gospel than does forgiveness.

How to Lower Your Temperature

God will help you find a way to deal with your anger without sinning!

Don't Live a Meaningless Life!

Have you written "Enter, God!" at the top of your life story?

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