The Nagging Questions Atheism Doesn't Answer

If there is a God, whether you believe or not is unimportant apart from the fact that you are denying yourself an understanding of what makes life worth living.

3 Guidelines to Connecting with God When You Pray

Do you really believe that your prayers reach God's ears?

Do I Really Need to Memorize the Bible?

If you were arrested and put in prison and you had no Bible, how much Scripture could you quote to yourself?

How Hard Do I Need to Work, Anyway?

How much effort do you put into an assigned task?

The Invitation You Don't Want to Miss

No concern, achievement or possession is more important than making sure you get to the most important party of your lifetime.

3 Characteristics of a Life Used by God

Here's what God looks for in a leader.

Why We Need to Talk About Sexual Sin

The story of Tamar in the Bible is not the usual stuff of most Sunday morning sermons, but it is important.

There's Help for Beating Our Own Evil Desires

Have you ever asked yourself, "God, why did I do something so evil?" when the issue of evil becomes personal and uncomfortable?

Is the Human Heart Really Evil?

The Bible contains the very worst and the very best news for humankind.

3 Things to Remember When Your Dreams are Shattered

Our love for God must go beyond the gifts that He gives, the prayers He answers, and the blessings He pours out.

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