How to Make Peace with Death

Understanding that death is as much a part of life as is birth, and that there is eternal life with Jesus for the believer, frees us to live joyfully.

You are a Missionary with a Mandate!

Do you know the message that God has sent you to deliver?

God's Plan Came Before You Did

You were created for Him and by Him to fulfill His purpose!

Can We Demand Things from God?

A close, personal relationship with God changes everything when we pray!

Don't Waste a Wake-up Call!

Life is short so don't waste the second chance of a wake-up call!

Discover the Disciplined Power of "No"

What Your Words Say About You

Your speech, whether intentional or not, is you--the blueprint of your personality!

How to Have a Great Conversation

What lessons are there for us to learn how to express ourselves clearly and effectively?

Why Is It So Hard For Us to Communicate?

Gender differences, cultural differences and, certainly, linguistic differences make simple communication difficult, but not impossible.

5 Guidelines to Having a Great Conversation

While not everyone is cut out to be a public speaker, every person can still be a good conversationalist!

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