There are 3 Important Aspects to Forgiveness

Bitterness hurts you far worse than the other person.

Why is Letting Go So Difficult?

Turning loose is never easy!

10 Guidelines for Reaching Muslims

Very few Christians understand what Muslims believe or how to communicate their faith to them.

6 Differences Between Islam and Christianity

Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship of faith.

Here's What God Says About Money

Giving, saving, and spending are an integral part of our relationship with God.

What Does It Mean to Commit?

There is strength and power in the decision to move forward, to refuse to look back, and going for it no matter what happens.

How to Live Beyond Revenge

There is no loneliness as great as that which results in our imprisonment by anger, hatred, and the thirst for revenge.

Never Look Back!

Is there a competition between God and the things of this life in your heart?

The Promises of God Are For You

What does an Old Testament story tell you about God's care for you?

What is Your Faith In?

It is not great faith that really counts. It is faith in a great God!

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