Why Non-Believers Don't Want to Talk with Christians

Would your non-Christian friends ever talk to you about faith?

What is the Best Thing to Do with Doubt?

God never reproves those who doubt their faith, but He does censure those who refuse to believe the truth.

The Good Side of Doubt

Have you confronted your doubts?

Tomorrow's Here and It's Out of Control

Feeling confident about tomorrow...or just the opposite?

Can the Bible Change a Person?

What is it about the Bible that has made it the bestselling book of all times?

Discover How to Keep Your Life in Balance

God is the only thing that gives rhyme and reason to a chaotic world.

There's Customized Grace for Your Weakness

God does not look down on us for our neediness.

4 Things to Know About the Pain in Your Life

God has a lot to say about the pain in our lives.

How to Handle Negative Emotions

Are your emotions in control...for the worse?

How Many Friends Do You Need?

Like anything else that is really valuable, friendships take work and they involve risks.

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