3 Guidelines to Follow God Wholeheartedly

You can have an undivided heart and be committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Are You Courageous Enough to Obey?

Obedience is a choice--and nobody is forcing you to do anything!

Do the Ends Justify the Means?

The motive is right! But what if the method is wrong?

What to Do When Your Friends Don't Like Each Other

You have not really lost a friend, who refuses to listen to your truth or sides with someone else against you.

How to Truly Forgive Others

Because God has forgiven has, we have no right to refuse to forgive others.

4 Guidelines on How to Forgive Yourself

You can go through life constantly defeated or you can follow these 4 guidelines on how to forgive yourself.

Dealing with Past Failure and Guilt

A troubled conscience is a common problem that produces guilt and torn hearts and lives.

What is Most Important to God?

God is far more concerned with the inner space of your heart that He is with the outer space of the universe.

Waiting for God When You're Impatient

Is waiting contrary to the path of progress?

Is Success or Significance More Important?

Some stories can help you evaluate between success and significance and how you can really make a difference.

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