How to View Eternity

Do you know the relationship between Jesus Christ and eternal life?

Learn How to Seek God's Wisdom

God's wisdom sees things others don't see and puts values to things this world considers unimportant.

Love Languages Explained

Discover the expressions you, as well as your mate respond to best to understand each other's differences and become more intimate in your relationship.

How Do I Work Through My Bitterness?

It's natural to harbor ill feelings to someone who wronged you; to forgive is supernatural.

Is It Okay to Ask God Why?

Always remember that our Heavenly Father is sensitive to the heart cries of His children.

How to Lean on God When You Lose a Baby

There are passages of Scripture that provide comfort in the time of grief.

Why is God Doing This to Me?

Understand that God has not chosen you as an object of affliction and persecution.

How to Wait Patiently for Your Future Spouse

Does God answer the prayers of singles who are asking Him to provide a mate?

Top "Why" Questions We Ask God

Find out if your "Why" questions are the same ones in this devotional.

This is the Story of the Rabbis

As you read your Bible, remember this interesting story of rabbis and the work they did with dedication and intensity.

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