Discover a life marked by peace, harmony and order

You can live in an invisible kingdom marked by peace, harmony and order!

The place to find real joy

If you, as God's child, are joyless, you're missing out on what God intends for you to have!

How do I seek an invisible kingdom?

All the money in the world won't open the door to God's kingdom?

What is the kingdom of God?

Jesus told His followers to seek His kingdom. What is Jesus talking about?

How your choices determine your destiny

Ever thought "This one time won't matter!"? Your choices determine your destiny!

Learn how to trust God

How do you learn to trust God so you can overcome your fear of disappointment?

How do I overcome my fear of God?

Are you afraid of being rejected by God or of Him asking too much from you?

When it's good to lose control of your life

On the other side of surrender to God, there is a lightness and a quietness to His work in our lives--so unlike our frantic ways!

How do I love my neighbor?

You will never love your neighbor as yourself until you have learned to love God with all your heart!

How to think about God and life's difficulties

Instead of thinking that God is the cause of your problem, find out instead that He is the solution!

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