Igniting Your Potential

If you want to rise above mediocrity and soar with the eagles, then do something!

If Someone Would Only Listen

You can learn how to be a better listener!

When a Friend Hurts You

A friendship gone awry is always painful.

Four Keys to Dealing with Conflict

It's time to learn some guidelines in resolving conflict.

Human Clones: Why Not?

Is human cloning biblical, moral, ethical and practical?

God in Our Lives

Do most people have far more faith in their heart and more of God in conversations that what the press acknowledges?

Ingredients of a Genuine Revival

Revival? Spiritual renewal? Or, a great move of God's Spirit?

Prayer--The Key to Revival

Prayer changes lives that changes the world!

How Spiritual Awakening Happens

Do you know how revival for the body of Christ happens?

Will Christ Literally Return?

Have we lost sight of the hope of Christ's return to our world?

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