Are You Quitting Too Soon?

Far too often, we give up too soon, resulting to failure.

Stop Cheating in Your Marriage Before It Starts

Stop flirting with the idea that you are unnoticed or taken for granted!

The Only Way to Peace

Only God can change the heart of man and bring peace and forgiveness.

How Good Must You Be for God to Love You?

Your moral goodness or the depth of your sin has nothing to do with God's great love for you!

You Can Beat the December Blues

Take these steps today to make this December a good one!

Are You Sitting in Spiritual Darkness?

Let Jesus light up your life with His presence and you will never walk in darkness again!

Here's How to Spiritually Encourage Yourself

God's power never wanes even when we do!

Ingratitude is a Sin!

Be sure to thank God for what He has withheld as well as for what He has given!

Are You Living Your Thanksgiving?

Gratitude in action is what really counts!

Here is the Thing About Jesus

Was Jesus a great moral teacher or the Son of God?

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