The Closure You Need

Closure is part of the healing process we need to get on with our lives.

What is a Blessing?

You can be blessed when you aren't very happy because God's blessings go far beyond feelings of happiness.

Does God Care if I Fail?

Where does the Holy Spirit fit into the plans of a successful life?

What's Your Plan?

Planning and execution work pretty much the same way for relationships and successful businesses.

When God Seems Silent

Have you cried out to God and there seems to be no answer?

Guidelines for Grieving

Where there is no grief, there can be no comfort or healing.

Setting Frustration-Free Goals

Bringing your goals and objectives in line with God's will can eliminate much of your frustration.

A Way to Pray in Times of Frustration

Help in times of frustration is just a prayer away!

Getting Beyond Your Frustration

God's will extends beyond life's frustrating circumstances.

Loving in Slices

It's tough accepting someone as a whole. But can we really love in slices?

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