How to Wait and Trust in God's Timing

Here's Linda's story amidst difficulties yet exuding love to people.

Where is God When We Pray?

Moses declared that God is always near us when we pray.

Start to Understand Your Heart

Why don't you sit down and write what's on your heart right now?

Find the Treasures in Your Trials

Are you allowing God to develop treasures within you from difficult times?

Does God Really Care?

It's sometimes hard to understand how great God's care is when you are in the middle of the storm.

Finding God in the Midst of Cancer

Here's the story of Louise, who lived the reality of the living Christ in her amidst her battle.

Tell How Much God Has Done for You

Do you know how important a First Person story of faith in Jesus is?

How to Know if What Jesus Said is True

If you are willing to be changed by Scriptures, you are about to embark on the greatest adventure of your life.

Stop and See God's Beauty

Have you ever stopped to think that God's beauty may be as basic as the chocolate you like so much?

This is Why God Wants the Best for Us

God wants for us our ultimate potential.

What Does the Heart Have to Do with Giving?

Do your giving out of a heart of thanksgiving!

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