How to Stop Gossip

If you are vulnerable to passing on gossip, here's the perfect way to stop!

God Blesses Us for Our Faithfulness

When you accept God's purpose in your life, God will bless you for your faithfulness.

The Christmas Jacket

That favorite warm jacket you wear on cold days and nights can be a special gift to someone in need, just like Christ's gift of salvation to you!

Run to God for Comfort

God holds you close to His heart!

Stop Being Fearful!

Do you know the best location to be in times of danger?

"I Love You"

We're not always lovable, yet God cares and loves us so much!

God is for You Even When Circumstances Aren't

"All things work together for good to those who love God" is a great reminder from the book of Romans!

What We Need in Times Like These

We need an anchor to hold us firm and safe in times of pandemic and economic crisis!

The Manual for World-Class Moms

Are you a world-class mom raising kids?

You Can Rest and Work at the Same Time

It's interesting to note that even while you are at work, you can rest on God!

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