Here is How God Works

God works according to His purpose!

Use What You Have

God is asking, "What do you have in your hands?"

Go Just a Little Farther

God knows your limitations, but keep going a little farther!

Why You Should Give Thanks

Do you remember to say "Thank You"?

Why You Can Be Free of Your Past

You are not the sum total of your past, especially if you are a brand-new person in Christ!

Believer, Your Future is Bright!

The future is bright if you hold on to the promises of God!

When You Have to Wait

Waiting is not always a waste of time. Sometimes it's part of God's plan.

Give It All

How much of yourself do you want to give to our Heavenly Father?

Leave Room for God

Are you leaving room for God to take over your anger instead of settling the score yourself?

God's Salad Bowl

Would you like a recipe of God's Salad Bowl of "let us"?

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