How to Be in Perfect Shape

Outside of extra pounds, is there anything else that we should shed?

Four Things I Learned as a Mother

Here are four guiding principles of parenting you can learn from Darlene Sala.

Should You Be a Missionary?

How do you know you are called to be a missionary?

How to Handle Interruptions!

Have you noticed that Jesus never hurried? Find out why!

What You Must Do to Follow Christ

Do you know that significance only takes place if you follow Christ?

Is There Power in Jesus' Name?

Does the name of Jesus have a real power to transform darkness and heal broken bodies?

How is Your Self-Image?

Is your self-image the same as what the Bible says about you?

The Influence of Kindness

Your kindness can impact someone's life!

Do You Act Like There's No God?

Is worry a form of atheism?

How God Sees You

God sees our true potential!

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