How to Go on After a Loss

Do you feel like you cannot go on with life?

What is Intimacy with God?

You can have a heart-relationship with God throughout the day.

How to Find Answers

It's always a good idea to re-read what you've written in your devotional journal!

When You're in Transition

Don't panic and trust God instead when you're in transition!

How to Get to Safety

The forces of hell cannot penetrate God's protection.

When Suffering Doesn't Go Away

Are you determined to find happiness even if your circumstance says otherwise?

5 Truths for Your Journey

Do you want to know how you can grown in your relationship with Christ in your journey?

Waters, Rivers and Fires

Let's focus on what God says about trials in our lives.


Valleys in life are temporary.

Treasure in a Dark Place

There are precious discoveries to be found in the dark.

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