Jesus Does the Impossible

Have you considered that Jesus can do the impossible in your life if you reach out to Him in faith?

You've Got Talent!

How much should you compliment your kids?

2 Very Important Words

You can learn two simple, but important words that leads to obedience.

What is Intimacy with God?

You can have a heart-relationship with God throughout the day.

5 Truths for Your Journey

Do you want to know how you can grown in your relationship with Christ in your journey?

Telling God I Love Him

Expressions of love!

If I Just Had Enough Money

Do you know if you have enough to do whatever it is God wants you to do?

Crossing Bridges

It's never too late to stop yourself from crossing a bridge that you probably will never come to.


What makes a person humble? Find out!

That Imperfect Person You Married

What makes or breaks a marriage, especially when your spouse didn't turn out to be your Prince Charming?

The Lord Needs It

Whatever God asks of you to give to Him, be sure that it will be used to its highest potential for eternity!

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