God's Vision for Your Life

Jesus once told His disciples He came not to be served but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many. Likewise as His followers, He likewise calls us to lay aside our pride and live a life of humility. Let's learn how in today's message.

I Know I Can Depend on Him

There have always been people who are puzzled by Jesus and not sure of what to make of Him. However, Jesus thinks of us as lost sheep and calls himself, "The Good Shepherd.” Let's learn more about what that means in our message, “I Know I Can Depend on Him."


Advent reminds us of the coming of Christ. He has come, and He is coming again. As people living in the in-between times, we need to be constantly ready for His arrival. John the Baptist’s ministry has a vital word of instruction for us. The word is PROCLAIM.

A Song for Travellers

Most of us typically enjoy traveling in the summer time. Vacations can be so much fun, yet they can also cause some anxieties. Life, indeed, has its shadowy days as well. We hope you will join us this week for a message from Psalm 121 with “A Song for the Traveller.â€

About Priorities

Jesus once said, “Do not lay up treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and thieves break in and steal, but lay up treasures in heaven.â€ Is it wrong, then, to have a nice house or money in the bank? Join us this week as study the meaning of Jesus’ teaching in the next message of our “What Jesus Saysâ€ series: “About Priorities.â€

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Mary was a simple, uneducated young woman when the Angel Gabriel visited her. She must have been terribly frightened at the thought of God's request. Yet her response was one of faith and willingness to be fulfill God's plan. Let's learn how God can use ordinary people like Mary, and us, to do the extraordinary.

Present Yourself Available

Over the centuries, Christians have wondered what to do with Mary, the mother of Jesus. In the Protestant Church, she has been somewhat passed over. Yet something important can be learned from her experiences with God. Let's consider Mary's example to "Present Yourself Available" in our series, Ready or Not, Here I Come.

A Song for When You’re Tempted

What is the secret of true happiness? Perhaps it is to accomplish a huge dream, yet afterward you discover afterward you still are not really happy. In this week’s message, we are going to look at Psalm 16 and discuss true joy with eternal pleasures and how to avoid temptations along with way.

Faith and Suffering

Have you ever gone through a time in your life so difficult that you wondered where God was or why He did not respond to your urgent prayers? If so, join us as we explore the connection between faith and suffering.

Is Following Jesus Worth It?

What is your most valuable possession? Jesus told His disciples about a treasure that is worth more than anything else - so valuable that those who seek it will sell everything they own to possess it. Let's learn more about that in this week's message.

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