A Song for Remembering Our Purpose

In any endeavor in life, if we do not keep our aim on a goal, we can easily drift far from our trajectory. This is a truth that affects all humans from before Jesus' day to now. Let's look at a song to help us, as Christians, stay focused in our mission and anchored to our purpose.

About Relationships

Life in a Christian community is a wonderful thing for followers of Jesus. However, it can also have its trials, for none of us are perfect. We are going to learn how Jesus would have us relate with our Christian friends when mistakes are made and feelings get hurt.

Mustard Seed Faith

Have you ever wondered about your spiritual faith being wimpy or weak, or worried that it is inept? When Jesus taught about the kingdom of God, He compared it to a mustard seed, a very small seed that grows to be a large plant. Let's learn more about the Parable of the Mustard Seed and how it relates to faith.

You’ve Got a Friend - Be a Friend

A great author of long ago wrote, "A friend is what the heart needs all the time.” How true it is! The human heart possesses a deep longing for friendship. We need someone who understands us, knows us through and through and likes us anyway. The good news for the day is you do! You really do! You have the best friend of all in Jesus Christ.

Behold, Your King!

After the birth of Jesus, some foreigners rode into Jerusalem, asking "Where is the child that has been born King of the Jews , . ."? Most of the people had no clue that a king had been born, including their ruler, King Herod. We do have a King! Is He your King? What are you doing with this King?

A Song for Answered Prayer

Does God hear our prayers? Our song for today – Psalm 116 – tells us that He does indeed hear our pleas for help and answers them. Please join us as we learn how God works in our lives and how we can appropriately respond to His faithfulness in our times of need.

About Choices

We all have interests, whether they be sports teams or TV programs. And we may an admirer or an avid follower of that interest. In today's message, Jesus is asking us to make that choice in regard to our relationship with Him. Please join us.

This Is Us - We Are a Family

Families can be very interesting and colorful. No one can be more alike or more different from us than our brothers and sisters. The same can be true for our church family. Join us as we discuss why the family is so important to the kingdom of God.

The Lord's Prayer for You

Life can sometimes be hard. Sometimes we suffer. Sometimes we feel alone. But we have someone who wants nothing but the best for us - the eternally best for us. Join us as we look at a passage of Scripture that eoncourages us to take heart and place our trust in Jesus.

Congratulations! It's God!

As we think of the greatest Christmas gift of all - Jesus - it's important for us to take a close look at Him to discover (and perhaps even rediscover) the wondrous things about Him. This is the real story of Christmas, and it is the main truth being revealed to us in the story about the baptism of Jesus.

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