Good News for Those Who Are Saying, “I Need All the Help I Can Get”

Do you know who is the Holy Spirit? Is He a force, the wind, or a mystical "thing" some people refer to? In today's message, we will talk about our "Helper" in a way you may not have heard before. Please join us.

The Lord’s Prayer for You

Life can sometimes be hard. Sometimes we suffer. Sometimes we feel alone. But we have someone who wants nothing but the best for us – the eternally best for us. Join us as we look at a passage of Scripture that encourages us to take heart and place our trust in Jesus.

You’ve God a Friend – Be a Friend

A great author of long ago wrote, “A friend is what the heart needs all the time.” How true it is! The human heart possesses a deep longing for friendship. We need someone who understands us, knows us through and through and likes us anyway. The good news for the day is you do! You really do! You have the best friend of all in Jesus Christ.

The Love of God Is Folly

Some people say the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is foolishness. Others say God is dead. Still others say, the value of God is dead. But the message of Jesus Christ and the love of God is the hope upon which the Christian stakes his life. Let’s talk about that more.

I Know I Can Depend on Him

There have always been people who are puzzled by Jesus and not sure of what to make of Him. However, Jesus thinks of us as lost sheep and calls himself, “The Good Shepherd.” Let’s learn more about what that means in our message, “I Know I Can Depend on Him.”

So What Now?

The good news of the Easter message is the linchpin of our faith. The resurrection of Jesus from the grave fills us with the promise of eternal life with God and forgiveness as we repent of our sins and trust in Jesus Christ. But now that we have celebrated this major event, next comes the question, Where do we go from here?

Ascended Like No Other

The modern church tends to not make a big deal of the Ascension. But the truth is, it is a very big deal for those of us in the Christian faith. When understood, the Ascension becomes an irreplaceable, important resource for the living of our lives in this world. Join us as we consider three truths about this important event.

Resurrected Like No Other

An expression we sometimes use is this idiom, “The bottom line,” which is someone's way of saying the underlying truth of it all. What would you say is the bottom line of the Christian faith? I suggest to you that it is these three words: CHRIST IS RISEN!

Prince of Peace

Song writers sing about it. World leaders promise it. Our hearts long for it. Peace. How do we attain peace in our world in the midst of chaos, killing, adversarial language, and animosity? What are the things that make for peace?

His Death Is Like No Other

Have you ever wondered why Jesus willing chose to die on a cross? Why would anyone chose such a cruel and brutal death? Let’s learn more about why His death was like no other.

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