The Authority

As human beings, we respond to authority in a variety of ways. Sometimes we respect it, obey it and trust it. However, we also balk at it, challenge it, maybe even rebel against it. Authority is a major issue of life. And so we ask, Have you ever considered Jesus your authority?

He's After People

How did you come to know Jesus? Let's study the story of a man who left behind everything - his livelihood, his business, and his family - to follow Jesus, and learn what then happened in his life.

Jesus, Fulfiller of God's Word

Have you ever had someone make a promise to you, and you couldn't wait for them to bring you what they promised? When God told the world that He would someday send a Savior, the world couldn't wait until He had fulfilled that promise.

The Life of the Party

Jesus Christ has come to be our heavenly rescuer - the Word became flesh - to be a transformer of our lives. He was and still is the life of the party, the one you want to invite.

Congratulations! It's God!

As we think of the greatest Christmas gift of all - Jesus - it's important for us to take a close look at Him to discover (and perhaps even rediscover) the wondrous things about Him. This is the real story of Christmas, and it is the main truth being revealed to us in the story about the baptism of Jesus.

Behold, Your King!

After the birth of Jesus, some foreigners rode into Jerusalem, asking "Where is the child that has been born King of the Jews , . ."? Most of the people had no clue that a king had been born, including their ruler, King Herod. We do have a King! Is He your King? What are you doing with this King?

Jesus, Soul Doctor

Do you ever wonder what God is up to in the 21st century? Jesus' birth embodied God coming down to where we are to be with us as we are - God forever with us. He is our Wonderful Counselor. Let's learn more about what that means.

Present Yourself Available

Over the centuries, Christians have wondered what to do with Mary, the mother of Jesus. In the Protestant Church, she has been somewhat passed over. Yet something important can be learned from her experiences with God. Let's consider Mary's example to "Present Yourself Available" in our series, Ready or Not, Here I Come.


Advent reminds us of the coming of Christ. He has come, and He is coming again. As people living in the in-between times, we need to be constantly ready for His arrival. John the Baptist’s ministry has a vital word of instruction for us. The word is PROCLAIM.

Watch and Pray

We talk about Christmas countdowns. We go to the stores, and we listen to Christmas carols. The Christian Church, however, traditionally calls this time of year the season of Advent, which means so much more than simply a warmup for Christmas Day. It is a time to remember that Christ has come, He is coming again, and we must be prepared for Him.

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